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Wooden wagon around 1924

A land vehicle is a vehicle that only or predominantly moves on land . It thus takes part in land transport .

The main purpose or area of ​​use is the movement of people ( passenger transport ) or goods ( goods transport ) on land as well as the cultivation of the soil and the cultivation of plants , e.g. B. plowing , harrowing , tedders , leveling , dredging , d. H. usually with constant contact with the ground. This distinguishes them from other types of vehicles such as watercraft and aircraft, as well as their mixed forms. Subspecies are amphibious vehicles (both water and land vehicles) and road / rail vehicles ( rail and motor vehicles ). As a rule, they are used for passenger and freight traffic .

Land vehicles are mostly used as means of transport or as play or sports equipment . They can be motorized (e.g. motor vehicle , railcar ) or non-motorized ( muscle-powered vehicles , wind-powered vehicles , sledges, etc.), they can be rail-bound , they can be steered or unguided.

In the past, draft animals played an important role in driving land vehicles, especially horses (e.g. horse-drawn carriages , chariots or horse-drawn trains ), cattle ( ox carts ), donkeys , mules and dogs ( dog carts , dog sleds ).

The fastest land vehicle with wheels to date was the ThrustSSC with jet engines (1,227.985 km / h), the fastest land vehicle ever was a rocket sled at Holloman Air Force Base (10,430 km / h).

The previously powerful traction input frame -Landfahrzeug is the Co'Co ' - dual frequency - electric locomotive DSB EC of the DSB with 400  kN tensile force (roughly equivalent to a "gravitational force" of 40 tons).

Another example is the hand vehicle .

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