List of modes of transport

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The list of means of transport gives a selection of different means of transport .

Transport in the countryside

Freely movable means of transport

Road-rail vehicle
Velomobile Milan-SL
Coil springs strapped to the legs

Muscle-powered means of transport

Ox cart with yoke as a utility vehicle in Nepal

Use of gravity

Use of wind power

Motorized means of transport (D / A: motor vehicles , CH / FL: motor vehicles)

Fire truck
Two-wheeled e-board "Hobertrax"

Track-bound means of transport

Modern railroad multiple units
Light rail train
Towing engine

Rail transport

Levitation techniques

Cable / pulley systems

Cable car

Traffic in the air

Aircraft lighter than air

Aircraft heavier than air

Non-motorized aircraft

Antonov 225

Motorized aircraft

Sikorsky X-wing

Traffic on the water

Traffic on the surface


Non-motorized watercraft

Museum ship "Gorch Fock" in Stralsund
Container Ship

Motorized watercraft

USS San Francisco (SSN-711)

Traffic below the surface of the water

Transport in space ( space travel )

Space Shuttle "Columbia"


Martin model 130 China Clipper

Air Water

Amphibious vehicle Amphi-Ranger 2800SR of the water and shipping authority Saarbrücken with blue and yellow all-round light (in road traffic) and blue sparkling light (in ship traffic)

Water / land

Water / land / air

Air / space

Mass transportation

Freighters and station wagons


Does not belong to the means of transport (in Switzerland a distinction is made between vehicle-like devices (fäG) and non-vehicle-like devices according to Art. 50 VRV):

It is disputed whether strollers or sliding chests belong to the means of transport.

Scheme of the hyperloop

Fictions and Future Developments

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