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Laura Morante at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Laura Morante (born August 21, 1956 in Santa Fiora , Grosseto ) is an Italian actress . She is one of the most prominent actresses in Italian and French film.



The daughter of the lawyer, journalist, writer and playwright Marcello Morante (1916-2005) was born the sixth of eight children of her father's first marriage to Maria Bona Palazzeschi. Two other siblings are from the father's second marriage. Laura Morante made during their youth the acquaintance of famous artists such as Alberto Moravia , the husband of Laura's aunt, the novelist Elsa Morante , and Pier Paolo Pasolini , whose film The first Gospel - Matthew (1964) Marcello Morante the role of Josef embodied . Pasolini also wanted to engage Laura Morante as a youthful beauty for his films Decameron (1970) and Erotic Stories from 1001 Nights (1974), but her parents refused to consent to the then minor.


Instead, she was successful early on in both classical and modern roles in the theater. Morante made her film debut in 1980 as a teenage drug addict in Giuseppe Bertolucci's Oggetti smarriti . Directed by Giuseppe's brother Bernardo Bertolucci , she played one of the leading roles in The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man the following year . Also in 1981, Golden Dreams marked Laura Morante's first collaboration with the filmmaker Nanni Moretti , which was to follow with Bianca (1983) and My Son's Room (2001). In 1986 she played with Georges Claisse in À flor do Mar (“On the Sea”) by João César Monteiro , and in Bernhard Sinkel's miniseries Fathers and Sons - A German Tragedy in the same year.

In 2001 and 2002 she was nominated for the European Film Award for Best Actress for My Son's Room and for Michele Placido's Un viaggio chiamato amore . In 2001 she received the David di Donatello award for “Best Actress” for her role in My Son's Room . The film drama about a family who has to deal with the accidental death of a son received the Palme d'Or “Best Film” at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival . In 2002 Laura Morante played the Italian writer and feminist Sibilla Aleramo (1876–1960) in Un viaggio chiamato amore .

Also in 2002 she played an enigmatic ballet teacher in John Malkovich's political parable The Colonel and the Dancer . In 2003 Morante received a David nomination for the tragic comedy Ricordati di me , which addresses a dysfunctional Roman family. In 2004 she was awarded the Nastro d'Argento , the award of the Italian film criticism, for the leading role in L'amore è eterno finché dura . In the film, she starts a marital war through her liaison with a married man.

Morante in 2007

In 2004, she borrowed in the Italian dubbed version of the animated film The Incredibles the Elastigirl her voice and played in Nero - The dark side of the force , the second part of the historical television series Empire , Nero's mother Agrippina . In 2005 she played a minor supporting role in the French thriller The Empire of the Wolves . In 2006 she appeared as partner of Cécile de France in the film A Perfect Place and in the same year she was one of six hearts looking for love in Alain Resnais' film of the same name in Paris.

In 2007 she was in the opulent production Molière the married lover of the famous playwright and played under the direction of Pupi Avati alongside Treat Williams and Rita Tushingham starred in the English language, the US film shot The Hideout . However, the "implausible" psychological thriller with occult elements found no favor with the criticism. In 2008 she played in the historical drama Die Frau des Anarchisten , which was awarded the Peace Prize of German Films - The Bridge at the Munich Film Festival in 2008 . In 2009 she appeared in Michele Placido's drama Il grande sogno . In the same year she was in front of the camera , again directed by Pupi Avati, for the film Il figlio più piccolo , which was released in Italian cinemas in February 2010.


Laura Morante's daughter from her relationship with screenwriter and director Daniele Costantini, Eugenia Costantini (* 1981), is also an actress. Her marriage to colleague Georges Claisse comes from her younger daughter Agnese (* 1988), who was in front of the camera with her mother for Ferie d'agosto in 1996 . Laura Morante has been married to the architect Francesco Giammatteo since 2004.


  • 1980: Oggetti smarriti
  • 1981: Le ali della colomba (TV)
  • 1981: Golden Dreams (Sogni d'oro)
  • 1981: The tragedy of a ridiculous man (La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo)
  • 1981: George Sand (TV)
  • 1981: Riccardo III (da Shakespeare) secondo Carmelo Bene
  • 1982: Hit to the heart (Colpire al cuore)
  • 1983: Storia di Piera
  • 1983: Il momento dell'avventura
  • 1983: The Privateer (Il corsaro) (TV)
  • 1983: Bianca
  • 1984: Notti e nebbie (TV)
  • 1984: The Killer (TV)
  • 1984: A Time of Suspicion (L'Air du crime)
  • 1985: Music Hall (TV)
  • 1985: Goya (miniseries)
  • 1985: The two lives of Mattia Pascal (Le due vite di Mattia Pascal)
  • 1986: L'Intruse
  • 1986: Fathers and Sons - A German Tragedy (Miniseries)
  • 1986: On the Sea (À Flor do Mar)
  • 1987: Man on Fire (Man on Fire)
  • 1987: The ghost valley (La Vallée fantôme)
  • 1987: Pink Palace - Spiaggia del Paradiso
  • 1987: Distant Lights - Close encounter with the afterlife (Luci Lontane)
  • 1987: Garibaldi il generale (miniseries)
  • 1988: Enrico Fermi - His way to fame (I ragazzi di via Panisperna)
  • 1988: Heaven is Far (Un amore di donna)
  • 1989: Les Jurés de l'ombre (mini series)
  • 1989: Onde Bate o Sol
  • 1989: Le Gorille
  • 1990: Corps perdus - Lost Bodies (Corps perdus)
  • 1990: Un jeu d'enfant
  • 1990: Tracce di vita amorosa
  • 1990: La femme fardée
  • 1990: Turné
  • 1991: Ao Fim da Noite
  • 1992: Juste avant l'orage
  • 1992: La camera da letto di Attilio Bertolucci
  • 1993: Une vue imprenable
  • 1993: L'ombra della sera
  • 1994: La Corruptrice (TV)
  • 1994: Dreyfus Affair (L'Affaire Dreyfus) (TV)
  • 1995: Faut pas rire du bonheur
  • 1995: Io e il re
  • 1996: The Mute Duchess (Marianna Ucrìa)
  • 1996: Ferie d'agosto
  • 1997: Santo Stefano
  • 1998: Lo sguardo dell'altro
  • 1998: A Murderous Couple (Coppia omicida)
  • 1999: L'anniversario
  • 1999: where is my son? (Dov'è mio figlio?) (TV)
  • 2000: Liberate i pesci!
  • 2000: Prime luci dell'alba
  • 2000: film
  • 2000: Giochi pericolosi (TV)
  • 2001: Un viaggio chiamato amore
  • 2001: My Son's Room (La stanza del figlio)
  • 2001: Hotel
  • 2001: Vajont - La diga del disonore
  • 2002: The Colonel and the Dancer (The Dancer Upstairs)
  • 2003: Madre Teresa (TV)
  • 2003: Renzo e Lucia (TV)
  • 2003: L'amore è eterno finché dura
  • 2003: Ricordati di me
  • 2004: Notte senza fine - amore tradimento incesto
  • 2004: Nero - The Dark Side of Power (Empire: Nerone) (TV)
  • 2005: The Empire of Wolves (L'Empire des loups)
  • 2005: Non aver paura
  • 2006: A perfect place (Fauteuils d'orchestre)
  • 2006: L'estate del mio primo bacio
  • 2006: Hearts (Cœurs)
  • 2007: Liscio
  • 2007: Molière
  • 2007: The Hideout / Il nascondiglio
  • 2008: The Anarchist's Wife
  • 2009: Il grande sogno
  • 2010: Il figlio più piccolo
  • 2010: La bellezza del somaro
  • 2010: The whole life lies before you (Tutta la vita davanti) narrative voice
  • 2013: Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
  • 2015: For heaven's sake (Se Dio vuole)

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