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Libuše Šafránková (born June 7, 1953 in Brno , Czechoslovakia , † June 9, 2021 in Prague , pronunciation: Libusche Schafrankowa ) was a Czech actress . She had her international breakthrough in 1973 with the title role in the fairy tale film Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella . In 1996 she played the singer Klara in the Czech drama Kolya (1996), which won an Oscar for best foreign language film .


Libuše Šafránková, who grew up in Šlapanice near Brno, graduated from the Dramaturgical Department of the Brno State Conservatory in 1971 .

In the 1970/71 season she had her first engagement at the Brno State Theater , where she had guest roles as a child. The following year she worked under Otomar Krejča at the Za Branou Theater , which was closed in 1972 due to government pressure. In 1972 she joined the Prague Drama Club, which she stayed with until 1990. Her first film role was in the literary adaptation Babička (The Grandmother) based on the novel by Božena Němcová as Barunka, directed by Antonín Moskalyk . He was so taken with the young actress that he remembered her two years later when he was about to realize another fairy tale by Němcová . The film adaptation Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella (1973) by director Václav Vorlíček became so popular that it is still part of the standard Christmas television program in Germany and the Czech Republic. The title role of Cinderella made Libuše Šafránková one of the most famous actresses in the Czech Republic. She then worked in more than 80 film and television productions.

In 1975 there was another collaboration with Vorlíček for the fairy tale comedy How should one be Dr. Drown Mráček? or The End of the Water Men in Bohemia , in which she played the main role of Jana Vodičková. In the same year she had a supporting role in the international production The Day That Changed the World with Christopher Plummer and Maximilian Schell . In the late 1970s, after her role as Cinderella, she seemed committed to fairy tale films , alongside her sister Miroslava as the earthly princess in Andersen's film adaptation The Little Mermaid (1976) and alongside Juraj Ďurdiak in the title role of Václav Vorlíček's Prince and Evening Star (1978). With Pavel Trávníček , her teammate from Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella, she played in 1982 in The Third Prince , a film adaptation of a fairy tale by Karel Jaromír Erben . She took on the dual role of Princess Milena and the Princess of Diamond Mountain. In 1983 she was in Martin Hollý's Czechoslovakian-German co-production The Salt Prince as the young Princess Maruška in a fairy tale based on Němcovás Salt is more valuable than gold . Šafránková had her last fairy tale film role in 1993 as the embodiment of luck in a competition in the castle . As she got older, she also took on character roles, for example as the singer Klara in the Czech drama Kolya (1996), which won an Oscar for best foreign-language film . For her portrayal she received the Bohemian Lion for best leading actress .

From 1992 to 1994 she was seen in solo roles at the National Theater in Prague , then returned to the Drama Club, which she finally left after disagreements.

Since the 2000s she has been in front of the camera primarily for Czech television, but over time she withdrew from acting for health reasons.

Libuše Šafránková was dubbed by various voice actors, including Dorothea Meißner , Uschi Wolff , Ellen Hellwig , Madeleine Stolze , Elke Wieditz , Marina Erdmann , Roswitha Marks and Simone von Zglinicki .

Private life

Her parents were the musicians Miroslav Šafránek (1927-1984) and Libuše_Šafránková (1932-2008). Her younger sister Miroslava Šafránková is also an actress. Together they played in The Little Mermaid . In 1976 Libuše Šafránková married the actor Josef Abrhám . In addition to their son (* 1977), she also had five grandchildren. The couple retired from the theater stage in the mid-1990s.

In November 2015, it became known that Libuše Šafránková had lung cancer when she was represented by her sister Miroslava at the award ceremony for the Medal of Merit. In an interview with the Czech daily Blesk , she made the first statement in July 2016 after her operation, during which a fifth of her lungs had to be removed. She is looking forward to working in front of the camera again. On the morning of June 9, 2021, Šafránková died of complications from cancer in a Prague hospital, two days after her 68th birthday, after she had undergone an operation the previous evening. She spent her last years in Šlapanice , a small town near Brno, where she grew up as a child.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1971: The grandmother ( Babička, TV)
  • 1972: Rodeo
  • 1973: Bakaláři - První pohled (TV)
  • 1973: The fair is here (Přijela k nám pouť)
  • 1973: Three hazelnuts for Cinderella (Tři oříšky pro Popelku)
  • 1974: How to get Dr. Drown Mráček? or The End of the Mermen in Bohemia (Jak utopit doktora Mráčka)
  • 1975: The day that changed the world (Sarajevski atentat)
  • 1975: My brother has a great brother (Můj brácha má prima bráchu)
  • 1975: The Adventures of Count Benovsky (Vivat Benovsky)
  • 1976: The Little Mermaid (Malá mořská víla)
  • 1976: Palette of love (Paleta lásky)
  • 1976: O Terezce a paní Madam (TV)
  • 1978: A brother who is worth his money (Brácha za všechny peníze)
  • 1978: Prince and the Evening Star (Princ a Večernice)
  • 1979: The Importance of Being Earnest (Jak je důležité míti Filipa)
  • 1980: run, upper, run! (Vrchní, prchni!)
  • 1980: Triptych of Love ( Triptych o láske, TV)
  • 1981: Křtiny
  • 1982: The third prince (Třetí princ)
  • 1982: Wedding trip to Jilji (Svatební cesta do Jiljí)
  • 1983: Jára Cimrman, ležící, spící
  • 1983: The Salt Prince (Sůl nad zlato)
  • 1983: The wild boar is on the loose (Slavnosti sněženek)
  • 1985: Home, sweet home (Vesničko má, středisková)
  • 1986: Zlá krev
  • 1987: Zuřivý reportér
  • 1988: Circus Humberto (Cirkus Humberto)
  • 1989: Člověk proti zkáze (TV)
  • 1989: El mar es azul (Moře je modré)
  • 1991: Prague Beggar Opera (Žebrácká opera)
  • 1991: The elementary school (Obecná škola)
  • 1992: The necklace ( Náhrdelník, TV)
  • 1993: Competition in the castle (Nesmrtelná teta)
  • 1996: Kolya (Kolja)
  • 1997: Báječná léta pod psa
  • 1997: Dr. Munory a jiní lidé (TV)
  • 1999: All my neighbors (Všichni moji blízcí)
  • 1999: Návrat ztraceného ráje
  • 2001: Elixír a Halíbela (TV)
  • 2001: Četnické humoresky
  • 2001: ELFilm
  • 2003: Stará láska nerezaví (TV)
  • 2004: Falesné obvinení (TV)
  • 2006: Psí kus (TV)
  • 2006: Náves (episode: Policejní smyfonie) (TV)
  • 2007: Anglická rapsodie
  • 2011: Micimutr
  • 2013: Skirt Chasers (Donšajni)
  • 2013: Little Baby Jesus (Prijde letos Jezisek?)
  • 2014: The Hostage (Jak jsme hráli čáru)


  • 1996: Czech Film Award Český lev (Bohemian Lion) for the best actress in a leading role
  • 2015: Medal of Merit (White Lion) for her artistic work


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