Liebieg medal

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The Liebieg medal (also known as the Liebieg memorial coin ) is an award that was donated in 1962 by the Reichenberg home district in Augsburg and is awarded at regular intervals to personalities who have made a name for themselves in what is now the Czech city ​​of Liberec - in German Reichenberg - in northern Bohemia .

Various well-known personalities can be found among the award winners who have made a name for themselves in the fields of culture, politics or business. Special attention is paid to the connection to the old homeland or to the work based on the origin there.


The commemorative coin is named after the Liebieg textile industrial family from Reichenberg, to which Franz and Johann Liebieg belonged , among others . In line with the family's motto, the medal also bears the imprint “Per laborem ad honorem”.

Award winners

The year of the award, the name of the recipient and the location of the award are given.

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