Louis E. Denfeld

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Louis E. Denfeld

Louis Emil Denfeld (born August 13, 1891 in Westborough , Massachusetts , † March 28, 1972 ibid) was an admiral in the United States Navy .

Denfeld was born in Westborough in 1891 and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1912 . In 1919 he held his first command with the USS McCall (DD-28) , in 1923 and 1924 he sailed on the submarine USS S-24 (SS-129) . From 1935 he commanded the Destroyer Division 11 for two years .

In 1939 Denfeld served under the Chief of Naval Operations William Daniel Leahy , after which he commanded Destroyer Division 18 and Destroyer Squadron 1 until 1941 . He then served on the Commander's staff , Atlantic Fleet Support Force and the Bureau of Navigation . In 1945 he was in command of Battleship Division 9 and later of the Bureau of Personnel . In 1947 he commanded the United States Pacific Command and the Pacific Fleet at the same time .

On February 28, 1947, Denfeld became military governor of the Marshall Islands , the Carolines and the Mariana Islands .

On December 15, 1947, Denfeld was finally appointed as the successor to Chester W. Nimitz as Chief of Naval Operations. His role in the admirals' uprising following the demolition of the aircraft carrier USS United States (CVA-58) eventually cost him this post. On November 1, 1949, he was released by Secretary of the Navy Francis P. Matthews .

In 1972 Denfeld died in Westborough, his birthplace. The Denfeld Mountains , a mountain range in the Antarctic , are named in his honor .


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