Men (film)

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Original title Men
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1985
length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Doris Dörrie
script Doris Dörrie
production Helmut Rasp
music Claus Bantzer
camera Helge Weindler
cut Raimund Barthelmes ,
Jeanette Magerl

Men is a comedy by Doris Dörrie shot as a television play in 1985. The main actors are the German actors Heiner Lauterbach , Uwe Ochsenknecht and Ulrike Kriener .


Julius Armbrust is an ambitious packaging designer in his mid-thirties. He cheats on his wife Paula, with whom he has two children, with one of his secretaries. On his twelfth wedding anniversary, he learns that Paula is cheating on him too.

Paula's lover Stefan is not at all like Julius. He is a freelance artist, has no money, no permanent job and no goals.

A world collapses for Julius, but he doesn't let that get him down. When he learns that there is still a room in Stefan's flat share, he pretends to be going to a congress and moves in with Stefan's under the cover name "Daniel". Julius wants to win his wife back at all costs. When Paula visits Stefan in the shared apartment, Julius disguises himself in a monkey mask when it is too late to escape and uses this disguise (in which he disrupts Stefan and Paula's romantic breakfast) to ensure that it goes first Disagreements arise between Paula and Stefan. Julius shows Stefan life in luxury , makes it more and more palatable to him and finally transforms the avowed hippie and dropout step by step into a successful guy. At the same time, a friendship developed between the two men. They watch ice hockey together, cook together, argue, drink, philosophize about women, sex, relationships. Nevertheless, Julius does not lose sight of his goal to win Paula back. Through his connections in the advertising industry, he helps Stefan get a position as Art Director in the hope that Stefan doesn't have enough time for Paula. The plan works, Julius and Paula find each other again. When Julius returns to his office, he learns that Stefan will be his new partner. In the final scene - which takes place in the paternoster of Julius' company - Stefan recognizes "Daniels" real identity. There is a final argument in the course of which both men finally strip down to their underpants. Dressed only in light blue boxer shorts (Julius) and leopard thong (Stefan), they are discovered by Paula and Julius' terrified colleagues in the paternoster and begin to laugh.


The film was originally a commission for ZDF . Nevertheless, the production company decided to bring the film to the cinema in the summer of 1985, where it was seen by over 6 million viewers.


The film received mostly positive reviews. This is the lexicon of international film : a witty comedy film about the battle of the sexes, interspersed with cheeky wit and apt observations, which mocks the small and larger vanities of men with a loving, ironic tone and thereby proves a surprisingly sure sense of humor.



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