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MZKT-5002 at a Russian fair (2014)
MZKT-5002 at a Russian fair (2014)
Manufacturer: Minsky Zavod Kolyosnych Tyagachei
Sales designation: МЗКТ-5002
Production period: since 2014
Previous model: none
Successor: none
Technical specifications
Designs: Flatbed , chassis
Engines: Four cylinder diesel engine
Power: 158 kW
Payload: 3 t
Perm. Total weight: 9.4 t

The MZKT-5002 ( Russian МЗКТ-5002 ) is a truck made by the Belarusian manufacturer Minski Zavod Koljosnych Tjagachei (Russian Минский завод колёсных тягачей, MZKT for short, or МЗКТ in German ) wheel tractor . It was developed in 2013 on behalf of the Belarusian security authorities and has been in series production since 2014. The vehicle has all-wheel drive and is intended for both military and civilian use. The brand name Volat is used for the trucks as well as the type designation MZKT-5002. A three-axle variant has been built under the name MZKT-6001 since 2009.

Vehicle history

Front view (2015)
Side view in the field (2014)
Diesel engine of the type JaMZ-534 as it is similarly used in the MZKT-5002 (2011)

The development of the MZKT-5002 was initiated by the Belarusian border guard . The units were equipped with the GAZ-66 , which had been developed in the early 1960s. The vehicles were worn out and not designed for even longer periods of use. The successor GAZ-3308 did not meet the requirements of the border troops, because although it is equipped with all-wheel drive, due to its design as a long-nosed truck, it has an unfavorable weight distribution and thus poorer driving characteristics. The Minski Awtomobilny Sawod rejected the development of a small series and also did not produce an all-terrain truck in the weight class around three tons of payload. The Minsk wheeled tractor factory (MZKT) did not manufacture such trucks either, but accepted the order. The first prototype was completed in 2013 and presented to the public at a military parade.

The prototype of the truck was equipped with an electronic tire pressure control system and a Belarusian engine from the Minski Motorny Sawod (MMZ). Both were rejected by the army as too complicated. A new prototype was developed by 2014, which was taken over into series production. It received a different engine from the Russian Yaroslavsky Motorny Sawod (JaMZ), and there was no electronic control of the tire pressure regulation system. The air conditioning and fire extinguishing system were also removed. The wheel suspensions have been revised and the frame has been reinforced. In addition, the overall size of the vehicle has been reduced, it is only slightly larger than the GAZ-66. The chassis can be used universally for various bodies and is also referred to as MZKT-500200 without a body. The truck is equipped with a lockable transfer case and differential locks on both axles. The suspension has been completely redeveloped for the vehicle and also ensures good driving characteristics off-road.

The MZKT-5002 was developed as an alternative for heavier vehicles such as the MAZ-5316 and the KamAZ-4350 and was also sold under the brand name Volat. The first 25 copies were delivered to Belarusian units in 2014 .

As of 2018, the manufacturer is also offering the vehicle for civil purposes. In addition to the basic version as a flatbed, it can also be equipped with other superstructures, for example as an exploration vehicle, as a tanker, recovery or fire service vehicle and as a workshop vehicle.

Technical specifications

For the MZKT-5002 with platform, as of mid-2018.

  • Engine: four-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine
  • Engine type: JaMZ -53452
  • Power: 215 hp (158 kW) at 2600 min -1
  • Displacement: 4430 cm³
  • Bore: 105 mm
  • Stroke: 128 mm
  • Torque: 735 Nm
  • Lifespan: 350,000 km
  • Engine weight: 470 kg
  • Gearbox: SAAZ-4334M3
  • Transmission type: mechanical five-speed gearbox with reverse gear
  • Top speed: 95 km / h
  • Tank capacity: 2 × 130 l
  • Range: 1000 km
  • On-board voltage: 24 V.
  • Brake: dual-circuit air brake, disc brakes on all wheels
  • Drive formula : 4 × 4

Dimensions and weights

  • Length: 6000 mm
  • Width: 2550 mm
  • Height: 2660 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3300 mm
  • Track width: 2190 mm front and rear
  • Ground clearance: 400 mm
  • maximum traversable step height: 350 mm
  • Trench crossing width: 1 m
  • Wading depth: 1.8 m
  • Turning circle: 20 m
  • Gradeability: 60 °
  • maximum side slope incline: 40%
  • Tire size: 12.00-20
  • Empty weight: 6400 kg
  • Payload: 3000 kg
  • permissible total weight: 9400 kg

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