Melissa & Joey

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Television series
German title Melissa & Joey
Original title Melissa & Joey
Melissa & Joey logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2010-2015
Hartbreak Films
ABC Family Original Productions
length approx. 22 minutes
Episodes 104 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Sitcom
Theme music Stuck with Me by Joey Lawrence
idea David Kendall
Bob Young
production Ken Ornstein
David Hartle
music Danny Lux
Michael Reola
First broadcast August 17, 2010 (USA) on ABC Family
first broadcast
December 10, 2012 on Comedy Central

Melissa & Joey is an American sitcom produced by Hartbreak Films in collaboration with ABC Family Original Productions for the US cable broadcaster ABC Family from 2010 to 2015 . Melissa & Joey was recorded live in the studio in front of an audience. It is about the local politician Mel Burke, her nephew Ryder and her niece Lennox and Joe Longo, who works as a nanny in the household due to his bankruptcy.


Mel Burke is a local politician in Toledo . When her niece Lennox and her nephew Ryder suddenly find themselves without parents, she takes them in. Overwhelmed by the new situation, she hires Joe Longo, a former stock trader who lost his fortune through a pyramid scheme , as a male nanny . The developing relationship between the dissimilar protagonists serves as a genre-typical plot element. Romantic relationships between Mel and Joe and secondary characters are mainly used to fail in the end and to arouse suspense in the audience as to whether the former will realize that they should actually be together.

Left to right: David Kendall (creator of the series), Taylor Spreitler (Lennox), Joey Lawrence (Joey), Melissa Joan Hart (Mel), Nick Robinson (Ryder), Paula Hart (producer of the series)


main characters

Melanie "Mel" Alison Burke
Mel is a member of the Toledo , Ohio City Council . In her youth she was rebellious and a typical party girl who hardly took responsibility. Now she has to look after her niece and nephew, as their mother (Mel's sister) is in prison for embezzlement and her father is on the run from the authorities.
Joseph "Joe" Paul Longo
Joe is a former stock trader who lost his job, lost his fortune and was left by his wife, all as a result of a pyramid scheme started by Mel's brother-in-law. He now works and lives with Mel, where he takes care of the children and the household.
Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon
Lennox is Mel's niece. She has a mind of her own, which also leads to arguments with Mel, but is glad that she has taken her in.
Ryder Scanlon
Ryder is Mel's nephew and the youngest in the household. Like many boys his age, he enjoys watching television and doing sports. At school he's more of an outsider.

Minor characters

  • Stephanie Krause : Stephanie is Mel's legal assistant and former intern. Very ambitious and loyal, she plans interviews, photo opportunities, and press appearances for Mel. She is a little in love with Joe.
  • Rhonda Cheng : Rhonda is Mel's press secretary. She always gives Mel advice on dating and parenting.
  • Tiffany Longo : Tiffany is Joe's ex-wife. She can't quite make up her mind whether she wants to get into a relationship with him again.
  • Holly Rebeck : Holly is Ryder's control-loving girlfriend in the first and second seasons. She is often manipulative and jealous. Ryder mostly does what she says.
  • George Karpelos, Jr .: George is Mel's boyfriend midway through the first season. He is a 24 year old businessman who enjoys riding a bicycle. He later moves to Italy for business reasons.
  • Russell Burke : Russell is Mel's father and US Senator , with whom she has little contact.
  • Jackie : Jackie is Mel's best friend from college and the only one who is single besides Mel. She plans to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor.
  • Elena Romanov : Elena is a Russian businesswoman who marries Joe at the end of season two.
  • Leo Larbeck : Leo is the contractor who takes over the renovation of the house at the beginning of the second season.
  • Haskell Davis : Haskell is Lennox's boyfriend on season two.
  • Aidan Haber : Aidan is President of the Spirit Committee at Lennox and Ryder School.
  • Austin : A childhood friend of Mel who is returning to Toledo.
  • Zander Carlson : Zander is Lennox's boyfriend from season three.


The German synchronization was for a dialogue book by Inez Günther and the dialogue director of Solveig Duda (Season 1) and Julia Haacke (from season 2) by the synchronous company Film & TV sync in Munich .

actor Role name Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Melissa Joan Hart Melanie "Mel" Burke 1.01-4.22 Sonja Reichelt
Joey Lawrence Joseph "Joe" Longo 1.01-4.22 Benedikt Weber
Taylor Spreitler Lennox Scanlon 1.01-4.22 Marcia von Rebay (1.01–3.16)
Marieke Oeffinger (3.17–4.22)
Nick Robinson Ryder Scanlon 1.01-4.22 Paul Deny
Christine Lakin Jackie 1.20, 2.08, 3.35-3.36 Caroline Combrinck
Christopher Rich Russell Burke 1.05, 1.24, 3.29-4.17 Walter von Hauff
Matthew Lawrence Tony Longo 1.25, 3.34-3.36 Johannes Raspe
Lucy DeVito Stephanie Krause 1.07-2.15 Laura Maire
Rachel G. Fox Holly Rebeck 1.17–2.06 Lara Wurmer
Elizabeth Ho Rhonda Cheng 1.01–1.06 Elisabeth von Koch
Megan Hilty Tiffany Longo 1.13, 1.22 Sabine Bohlmann
Scott Michael Foster George Karpelos, Jr. 1.21-1.23 Manuel Straube
Joel McKinnon Miller Leo Larbeck 2.01-2.02 Claus Brockmeyer
Cody Linley Aidan Haber 2.02-2.03 Max fields
Gregg Sulkin Haskell Davis 2.04-2.08 Roman Wolko
Anya Monzikova Elena Romanov 2.13-2.15 Claudia Lössl
Sterling Knight Zander Carlson 3.01-4.22 Tobias John von Freyend
Trevor Donovan Austin 3.05-4.02 Manou Lubowski
Samantha Logan Stella 3.21-3.27 Lea Kalbhenn
Brando Eaton Emerson Pritchard 3.23-3.25 René Dawn-Claude
Jada Facer Danni 3.36-4.11

Production and broadcast

United States

For the first season of Melissa & Joey, ten episodes were initially produced and began broadcasting on August 17, 2010. Two months later, ABC Family announced the production of another 20 episodes for the first season. The very low fee of Melissa Joan Hart in the first season was named as one reason for the extra-long season order. At just over 4,000 US dollars per episode, this was clearly at the lower end of the salary range for series leading actors. The first season continued on June 29, 2011 and ended on September 14 with a double episode. In July 2011, the series was extended by a second season, the 15 episodes of which were broadcast between May 30 and August 29, 2012.

Also in August 2012, ABC Family announced the production of a third season, which aired May 29, 2013 through June 18, 2014. Before the premiere of the third season, it was extended by a further 20 episodes, so that it comprises a total of 37 episodes. The second half of the third season aired from January 2014. In addition, ABC Family commissioned 20 more episodes for a fourth season, making Melissa & Joey the station's first comedy series to exceed 100 episodes.

In early February 2015, ABC Family announced the discontinuation of the series after the fourth season. The last episode aired in the United States on August 5, 2015.


Comedy Central has been broadcasting the series in Germany since December 10, 2012. It replaced happy endings on this slot. The broadcast of the third season ended on March 5, 2015. The fourth and final season first aired on Comedy Central on November 16, 2015.


year price category result
2013 People's Choice Awards Favorite Cable TV Comedy Nominated
2015 Won

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