Metal heart

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Metal heart
Accept studio album


March 4th 1985


October – December 1984

Label (s) Portrait Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Heavy metal

Title (number)


running time

39 min, 38 sec



Dieter Dierks

Studio (s)

Dierks Studios , Stommeln

Balls to the Wall
Metal heart Russian Roulette

Metal Heart is the sixth studio album by the German heavy metal band Accept . It was published by Polydor in March 1985 . Like its predecessor, it is considered a "classic" in the band's catalog.

Origin and style

Metal Heart was the first Accept album that was produced by Dieter Dierks himself, although the band had already recorded in his studios in Stommeln . It contains other classic songs, such as the title track or Living for Tonite . The band refined the style developed on Balls to the Wall and later added details called typical Accept elements such as male choirs or excursions into classical music. With Teach Us to Survive , the band also dared an excursion into jazzy realms. For the band, it was also about being successful in the US market, which was only partially successful.


The album reached in Germany 13th, the US space 94. Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic .com awarded 4.5 out of five stars, calling the album "a winning set". Alex Straka from wrote that the album was "a very strong output, perhaps the strongest Accept record ever."

Track list

All songs were written by Accept and Deaffy (aka Gaby Hoffmann).

  1. "Metal Heart" - 5:19
  2. "Midnight Mover" - 3:05
  3. "Up to the Limit" - 3:47
  4. "Wrong Is Right" - 3:08
  5. "Screaming for a Love-Bite" - 4:06
  6. "Too High to Get It Right" - 3:47
  7. "Dogs on Leads" - 4:23
  8. "Teach Us to Survive" - ​​3:32
  9. "Living for Tonite" - 3:33
  10. "Bound to Fail" - 4:58

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