Missing You (John Waite Song)

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Missing You
John Waite
publication June 15, 1984 (album)
August 1984 (single)
length 4:01 (7 "), 7:01 (12", Extended Version)
Genre (s) Pop rock , soft rock
Author (s) John Waite, Mark Leonard, Charles Sandford
Producer (s) John Waite, David Thoener, Gary Gersh
Label EMI
album No brakes
Cover version
1996 Tina Turner

Missing You is a 1984 song by John Waite written by him, Mark Leonard, and Chas Sanford.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Missing You
  DE 13 10/22/1984 (15 weeks)
  CH 12 10/21/1984 (10 weeks)
  UK 9 09/29/1984 (11 weeks)
  US 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 06/23/1984 (24 weeks)

Missing You appeared on the album No Brakes on June 15, 1984 and then as a single in August 1984. It became a number one hit in the United States . In the European charts, the title reached the top ten only in the United Kingdom. It entered the charts in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium (19th place).

The 7 "version of the song is 4:01 minutes long. A 12" maxis single with a 7:01 minute extended version was also released. On the B-side of the single versions there is the song For Your Love .

In the song, the protagonist praises that he misses his lover on the one hand and not on the other.

You could hear the song in the episode Pact with the Devil of Miami Vice and the movie Selena - An American Dream , and it was also heard in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City .

Music video

The music video was shot in New York City . At the beginning of the clip, John Waite is sitting in an armchair, he sees a picture of a woman and begins to sing the song. When he tries to open the door, the woman comes up to him and they embrace in bed. Later the woman packs her suitcase, what Waite sees through the door slot and she leaves him. When leaving, she slams the door open, while Waite is standing behind the door and the door bangs on him with full force. He later finds himself in a bar drinking a glass of wine. After the visit, he sees the woman again in a film studio . Then she smiles at him. Afterwards Waite calls her from a phone booth , the woman picks up the receiver, but he disappears from the phone booth out of nervousness. He walks through town and sees a picture of the woman on a newspaper, and again he goes to a pub. There another woman tries to flirt with him, but because of all the grief he shows no interest and goes back home. In another scene, he stands on a stage and sings the song, but another attempt to call the woman fails. At the end he goes to sleep when the woman who left him rings again and Waite ignores the woman in revenge.

Cover versions

Tina Turner

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Missing You (Tina Turner)
  DE 66 09/09/1996 (9 weeks)
  UK 12 07/27/1996 (7 weeks)
  US 84 05/10/1996 (9 weeks)

In 1996 Tina Turner covered Missing You on her album Wildest Dreams and was a success in the UK. Tina Turner got the idea to cover the song when she learned that her hit What's Love Got to Do with It had been ousted from the top by one-hit wonder John Waite on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1984. Trevor Horn produced the cover .

Other covers

The title has been covered many times by other artists. Below is a selection:

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