Morgana Lefay

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Morgana Lefay
General information
Genre (s) Heavy metal , power metal
founding 1986 as Damage
Founding members
Tony Eriksson
Electric guitar
Stefan Jonsson
Joakim Lundberg
Jonas Söderlind
Current occupation
Charles Rytkönen (since 1988)
Electric guitar
Tony Eriksson
Electric guitar
Peter Grehn (1994, since 1998)
Electric bass
Fredrik Lundberg (since 2002)
Pelle Åkerlind (since 2006)
former members
Electric guitar
Stefan Jonsson (1986-1989)
Electric guitar
Tommi Karppanen (1989–1994)
Electric guitar
Daniel Persson (1994–1997)
Electric bass
Joakim Lundberg (1986-1991)
Electric bass
Joakim Heder (1991–1997)
Electric bass
Micke Åsentorp (1998-2001)
Jonas Söderlund (1986–1997)
Robin Engström (1998-2006)

Morgana Lefay is a heavy metal group from Sweden . The band operated under the name Lefay from 1999 to 2001 for legal reasons . It has been back to its original name since 2004. The band is named after a female figure from the mythology of King Arthur , see Morgan le Fay .


1986–1998: The beginning

Morgana Lefay was founded in 1986 by the two guitarists Tony Eriksson and Stefan Jonsson, bassist Joakim Lundberg and drummer Jonas Söderlund under the name Damage in Bollnäs , Sweden . Two years later, singer Charles Rytkönen from Sepher Jezirah was added. In 1989 guitarist Stefan Jonsson left the band and was replaced by Tomi Karppanen. At the same time, Damage was renamed Morgana Lefay. The following year the group released their self-produced album Symphony Of The Damned .

Bassist Joakim Lundberg left Morgana Lefay in 1991 while the band was working on the Rumors of Rain demo in the FS studios in Söderhamn , he was replaced by Joakim Heder. After the demoa was released, the band was signed by Black Mark Production . Due to a mistake by label boss Börje Forsberg , the contract offer was first sent to the band Overload, also from Bollnäs, only when Morgana Lefay asked, the mistake was noticed and the contract was signed. To bring the demo to the playing time of a studio album, Morgana Lefay took the song Knowing Just as I , after which the album was named. This was published in the spring of 1993, followed by a tour through Germany with Cemetary and Invocator . Due to the low number of visitors, this turned out to be a fiasco. In December 1993 the next studio album The Secret Doctrine was released .

In April 1994 Morgana Lefay filmed her first video clip for the song Rooms of Sleep before Tommi Karppanen left the group in June. Peter Grehn took over his position from the band Fantasmagoria. The group completed concerts with him in Finland and Sweden as well as an appearance at the Popkomm in Cologne before Grehn returned to his band. He was replaced by Daniel Persson.

In 1995, the third album Sanctified was released , which again received excellent reviews. The band toured Europe with Cemetary , Memento Mori and Tad Morose and shot video clips for the songs To Isengard and In The Court of the Crimson King . A headlining tour through Sweden also follows. In the same year the record company released Past, Present, Future, a compilation of previously unreleased pieces, which included Sculpures of Pain , the new recording of Symphony of the Damned and the two cover versions Lost Reflection (originally by Crimson Glory ) and Voulez Vous ( by Abba ) contained four new songs. At the same time, Morgana Lefay toured Europe supporting Gamma Ray .

In 1996 the album Maleficium and a music video for the title song were released. In early 1997 the band toured Europe for the first time as a headliner, with Solitude Aeturnus and Brainstorm in the opening act. In the same year another compilation was released, this time with the faster songs of the band. Shortly afterwards Joakim Heder, Daniel Persson and Jonas Söderlind left the band. The three musicians who dropped out released a self-titled album under the name Morgana Lefay in 1999 with Persson on vocals at Morgana Lefay's record company, which, however, received little attention. Because of the little success this band was dissolved a little later. Today Daniel Persson is the singer of the glam rock band Babylon Bombs .

1999-2004: Lefay

Rytkönen and Eriksson brought Peter Grehn into the band. He brought along two musicians from his band Fantasmagoria, bassist Mikael Åsentorp and drummer Robin Engström. The group shortened their name to Lefay for legal reasons, signed a recording deal with Noise Records and released the album The Seventh Seal in 1999 . The band toured Europe with Nevermore , Nocturnal Rites and Sacred Steel . In the summer she began recording a new recording of Morgana Lefay's debut Symphony of the Damned . In the same year the band performed at the Wacken Open Air .

A year later, Lefay released the concept album ... --- ... (SOS) . The publication was followed by appearances at festivals such as B. Bang Your Head as well as a headlining European tour under the motto Lost In Europe with Angel Dust , Steel Prophet and StormHammer . Then it became quiet around the band and rumors of breakup made the rounds. The band only gave a few concerts. Bassist Mikael Åsentorp has been replaced by Fredrik Lundberg.

Since 2004: Morgana Lefay

In September 2004 Lefay signed a new record deal under her original name Morgana Lefay with her old label Black Mark Production and announced a new studio album entitled Grand Materia . This is a concept album about the French alchemist Nicholas Flamel . After a video for the song Hollow was released in October 2005 , the album was released in April 2005. This was followed by a tour with Lanfear and Mindcrime in the opening act through Europe as well as festival appearances at the Sweden Rock Festival and the Wacken Open Air . Morgana Lefay also played for the first time in Great Britain and the USA .

Drummer Robin Engström left the band in May 2006 and was replaced by Pelle Åkerlind. In March 2007 the album Aberrations Of The Mind was released . Morgana Lefay decided to take time off. The band members started solo projects.

After a request from Sweden Rock, Morgana Lefay made an appearance at the 2012 festival. Due to the success, the musicians decided to reorganize the band. There followed in 2013 and 2014 appearances a. a. at Sweden Rock, Bang Your Head , Swordbrothers Festival and Sabaton Open Air.


The band plays Power Metal with a Swedish twist, just like bands like Tad Morose do. With the exception of Symphony of the Damned , all of the band's album covers were drawn by Swedish artist Kristian “Necrolord” Wahlin . All of these albums feature a kind of hourglass , the glass of which is cracked and the content consists of light. Over the years it has become one of the band's visual identifiers.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Grand Materia
  SE 57 05/12/2005 (1 week)

Studio albums

  • 1990: Symphony of the Damned
  • 1993: Knowing Just as I
  • 1993: The Secret Doctrine
  • 1995: Sanctified
  • 1996: Maleficium
  • 1999: The Seventh Seal (as Lefay)
  • 1999: Symphony of the Damned (re-recorded as Lefay)
  • 2000: . . . - - -. . . (SOS) (as Lefay)
  • 2005: Grand Materia
  • 2007: Aberrations of the Mind

Other sound carriers

  • 1992: Rumors of Rain (Demo)
  • 1995: Past Present Future (Best Of)
  • 1998: Fata Morgana (Best Of)
  • 2007: Over and over Again (single)

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