NAM service in Vietnam

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Television series
German title NAM service in Vietnam
Original title Tour of Duty
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1987-1990
length 45 minutes
Episodes 58
genre War Movie
music Paint it Black The Rolling Stones
First broadcast September 24, 1987
first broadcast
January 4, 1989 on RTLplus

NAM - Dienst in Vietnam (Original title: Tour of Duty ) is an American television series about a platoon in the Vietnam War . The series has 58 episodes and was produced in three seasons from 1987 to 1990.



The focus of the series is one of Lt. Myron Goldman and Sergeant cited Clayton "Zeke" Anderson infantry unit , a train (platoon) of Bravo Company. Whites, Afro-Americans and Latinos serve in the company . The problems of the US Army in the jungle war , suffering and death are presented dramatically and largely realistically for a TV production of the time. The series shows the chaos of the Vietnam War from the perspective of the unit described, which as a rule, often victorious, can save itself from the battles. American war crimes , such as the massacre of the civilian population, are also discussed in some episodes of the series. Other critical topics are drugs , racism , incompetent superiors, captivity , conscription , negative war reporting in the homeland and dealing with pacifism , as well as the lack of understanding of civil America for the Vietnam veterans and their problematic integration into society.

season 1

The Vietnam War is in full swing: After the Tonkin incident , the United States is attacking North Vietnam with bomber groups and over 500,000 soldiers , including the Bravo Company, which is stationed on the forward base Firebase Ladybird . The company advances to combat patrols in the jungle and is repeatedly involved in skirmishes. The Bravo Company repeatedly suffers losses, with deaths only affecting supporting roles. Goldman initially has a love affair with the nurse Lieutenant Nikki Raines ( Pamela Gidley ), but the relationship breaks up.

No. German title Original title
1-01 Time of the forgotten heroes Tour of Duty
1-02 Stories from the underground Notes from the Underground
1-03 Insubordination Dislocations
1-04 Was a lover Was a lover
1-05 The ambush Sitting Ducks
1-06 Up to the blood Burn, baby, burn
1-07 Life without a chance Brothers, Fathers, and Sons
1-08 Battle for the broadcast station The Good, The Bad, and the Dead
1-09 Missed but not given up Battling Baker Brothers
1-10 The shackles of guilt No where to run
1-11 Encircled Roadrunner
1-12 Consequences of a war report Pushin 'Too Hard
1-13 Crashed USO Down
1-14 Buried alive Under Siege
1-15 Front leave Soldiers
1-16 The march in the dark Gray-Brown Odyssey
1-17 The enemy in your own ranks Blood Brothers
1-18 Once a soldier, always a soldier The Short Timer
1-19 Corsican gold Paradise Lost
1-20 The Angel of Grace Angel of Mercy
1-21 The hill The Hill

season 2

After the Ladybird base was overrun by the enemy, the Bravo Company was relocated to the Than Son Nhut base at the gates of Saigon . In the second season, the series will be expanded to include some leading actors such as the helicopter pilot Lt. Johny MacKey ( Dan Gauthier ), journalist Alex Devlin ( Kim Delaney ) and psychiatrist Jennifer Seymour ( Betsy Brantley ) expanded. While Goldman and MacKey vie for Alex's favor, Sgt. Anderson has an easier time with Jennifer.

No. German title Original title
2-01 Machinations - Part 1 Saigon, part one
2-02 Machinations - Part 2 Saigon, part two
2-03 The delta unit For what it's worth
2-04 Private Martsen True grit
2-05 All just a sham Non-Essential Personnel
2-06 The hunt Sleeping dogs
2-07 Night in Cholon I wish it would rain
2-08 Dangerous solo effort Popular Forces
2-09 The boxer Terms of enlistment
2-10 The only witness Nightmare
2-11 The promised land Promised Land
2-12 The informer Lonesome cowboy blues
2-13 Late realization Sins of the Fathers
2-14 All just camouflage Sealed with a kiss
2-15 Bloody streaks Hard stripe
2-16 Love at the front The volunteer

season 3

In the third season, the Bravo Company is subordinate to the MACV-SOG special unit and assigned to covert operations in Cambodia . The series ends with the 21st episode of this season, which addresses how difficult it is for those returning from Vietnam to lead a civil life back home in the United States.

No. German title Original title
3-01 In the hands of the Viet Cong The luck
3-02 One remains Doc Hock
3-03 Anderson's new insight The ties that bind
3-04 Powerful and alone Lonely at the top
3-05 The monkey doctor A bodyguard of lies
3-06 A logical consequence A necessary end
3-07 In seventh heaven Cloud Nine
3-08 The Ho Chi Minh Trail Thanks for the memories
3-09 I am who I am I Am What I Am
3-10 Freefall World in Changes
3-11 Vietnam, Christmas 1968 Green Christmas
3-12 The kidnapped princess Odd man out
3-13 The acid test And Make Death Proud to Take Us
3-14 A medal for the dead Dead Man Tales
3-15 The transport of prisoners The Road to Long Binh
3-16 Missing Acceptable lots
3-17 Scenes of horror Vietnam Rag
3-18 The investigation Was Is a Contact Sport
3-19 The Phu An Massacre Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue
3-20 The Liberation The raid
3-21 Returnees Payback


"In trying to be all things to all people, if possible without offending anybody, Tour of Duty winds up firmly on the side of saying nothing and distorting everything."

"In an attempt to please everyone, not to offend anyone, Tour of Duty is clearly on the side of saying nothing and distorting everything."

- John J. O'Connor : New York Times


  • Primetime Emmy Awards 1990 nomination for Primetime Emmy Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series
  • Primetime Emmy Awards 1989 nomination for Primetime Emmy Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series
  • 1988 Primetime Emmy Awards for Primetime Emmy Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series
  • American Cinema Editors 1988 nomination for Eddie Best Edited Episode from a Television Series
  • Troféu Imprensa, Brazil 1990 nomination for best series
  • Viewers for Quality Television Awards 1990 nomination for Best Actor in a Quality Drama Series (Terence Knox)
  • Viewers for Quality Television Awards 1989 Founder's Award for Terence Knox


The theme song is an abridged version of the Rolling Stones song Paint It Black ; the end credits are backed by an instrumental from this song. The Rolling Stones tracks are also often heard as background music; In any case, the series primarily uses the music popular at the time of the Vietnam War, which is now often referred to as classic rock , including Creedence Clearwater Revival , Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane . The DVD version uses an instrumental theme tune, and much of the music has been replaced with lesser-known songs or instrumentals. Maybe this was for legal reasons. In the Netherlands , the majority of the original titles used in the series were released on seven albums. The title song Paint It Black was also re-released, which then again took first place in the Dutch Top 40 in May 1990 .


The first season of the series was filmed in Hawaii , seasons two and three on the set of M * A * S * H in California .


The first and second seasons (divided into two DVD boxes each) were released in December 2011 and March 2012 in Germany, respectively. The third season was released on June 29, 2012 in two half-seasons. In addition, a complete edition with all the squadrons in the form of an ammunition box made of cardboard was published in November 2012. When the first season was released, the original opening credits with the song Paint It, Black were used, which was replaced by another song in the US version for legal reasons.

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