New Territories

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New Territories
New Territories (China)
New Territories
New Territories
Coordinates 22 ° 24 '  N , 114 ° 7'  E Coordinates: 22 ° 24 '  N , 114 ° 7'  E
Basic data
Country People's Republic of China

Special Administrative Region

Hong Kong
surface 956 km²
Residents 3,886,000 (2017)
density 4,064.9  Ew. / km²
Tallest building in the NT
Nina Towers (.mw-parser-output .Hant {font-size: 110%} 如 心 廣場 / .mw-parser-output .Hans {font-size: 110%} 如 心 广场), Tsuen Wan (2008)
Nina Towers ( 如 心 廣場  /  如 心 广场 ),
Tsuen Wan (2008)
Hap Mun Bay ( 廈門 灣 , English Half Moon Bay ) in Sai Kung, NT Hong Kong .

The New Territories , abbr .: NT ( Chinese  新界 , Pinyin Xīnjiè , Jyutping San 1 gaai 3  - "new border line / new border"), after the English term for New Territories , are the northernmost, largest and newest part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region . The area with the districts of Iceland (離島 區), Kwai Tsing (葵青 區), North (北區), Sai Kung (西貢 區), Sha Tin (沙田 區), Tai Po (大埔 區), Tsuen Wan (荃灣 區), Tuen Mun (屯門 區) and Yuen Long (元朗 區) covers an area of ​​956 km².


The New Territories go back to the Convention on the Extension of Hong Kong Territory between the Qing Dynasty and the United Kingdom , which was signed on June 9, 1898. At that time, Hong Kong Island and southern Kowloon (up to what later became Boundary Street ) were already part of the British Crown Colony . The British government initially showed no public ambition to claim further areas of China . There were British advocates for an expansion of Hong Kong territory for military and economic reasons. Until 1898, however, the London government refused to do so in order not to endanger the trade relationship.

A rethink took place after Germany , Russia and France laid claim to different Chinese areas. France occupied and leased Zhanjiang , a few hundred kilometers west of Hong Kong, and tried to persuade the Chinese government not to cede certain areas to foreign powers. This also included the Guangdong Province , to which the New Territories belonged at the time. In response, on June 9, 1898, the United Kingdom and China negotiated the lease of the New Territories to the British in the Second Beijing Convention . The contract came into force on July 1, 1898 and, unlike the previous areas of Hong Kong, had a limited term of 99 years. It was not until April 16, 1899, however, that the British government formally declared sovereignty over the New Territories.


In 2017 the population was 3,886,000, which corresponds to a population density of 4,067 inhabitants per square kilometer.

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