Noble House (TV series)

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Television series
German title Noble house
Original title Noble house
Country of production United States
original language English
year 1988
length 355 minutes
Episodes 4th
genre Action , drama
idea James Clavell ( novel ),
Eric Bercovici ( screenplay )
production Eric Bercovici ,
Frederick Muller ,
James Clavell (executive producer),
Gary Nelson ( director )
music Paul Chihara
camera Cristiano Pogany
First broadcast February 21, 1988 on NBC
first broadcast
December 26, 1988 on ZDF

Noble House is the title of a 1988 US television series with Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. James Clavell's 1981 novel Noble House Hong Kong served as a template . While the novel is set in Hong Kong in the early  1960s  , the series is set contemporary to its production time in the late  1980s  . The setting is Hong Kong , which was then still under British administration . The sideshow is Macau . It is the second film adaptation of a work by James Clavell by the American television station NBC after Shogun .


Ian Dunross is the CEO of Struan & Co., Hong Kong's oldest and largest trading house. The Chinese therefore also refer to it as the “ Tai-Pan ” of the Noble House . The trading house gets into economic difficulties, whereupon Dunross asks for financial support from the American investor Linc Bartlett, CEO of Par-Con Industries . However, Bartlett is also in negotiations with Struan & Co.'s biggest competitor, Quillan Gornt, and is trying to gain power in the Noble House himself . Dunross is getting help from mainland China and Casey Tcholok, the vice president of Par-Con Industries . This leads to numerous intrigues.


The German synchronization was created in 1988. Lutz Riedel directed the dialogue .

role actor Voice actor
Ian Dunross Pierce Brosnan Frank Glaubrecht
Casey Tcholok Deborah Raffin Karin Buchholz
Lincoln Bartlett Ben Masters Christian Rode
Quillan Gornt John Rhys-Davies Klaus Sunshine
Orlanda Ramos Julia Nickson Simone Brahmann
Four fingers Wu Khigh Dhiegh Gerd Duwner
Robert Armstrong Gordon Jackson Edgar Ott
Phillip Chen Burt Kwouk Eric Vaessen
Claudia Chen Nancy Kwan
Jacques DeVille John van Dreelen Peter Neusser
Paul Choy Ping Wu Stefan Krause
Brian Kwok Kay Tong Lim Joachim Tennstedt
Ah Tam Lisa Lu
Lando Mata Damien Thomas Lutz Riedel
Commissioner Roger Crosse Dudley Sutton Hermann Ebeling
Tsu-yan Ric Young Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Venus Poon Tia Carrere Sabine Jaeger
John Chen Steven Vincent Leigh Nicolas Boell
Sir Geoffrey Allison John Houseman Helmut Heyne
Alastair Struan Denholm Elliott Heinz Giese


Noble House in 1988 for the Emmy in 1989 for the ASC Award nomination.

TV broadcast

In Germany, Noble House was first broadcast by ZDF on December 26, 1988 . Further broadcasts in the public service program followed later. In recent years the television series has been shown on Premiere , Anixe and Tele 5 .

DVD release

After only DVD versions for the North American and Australian markets were released for a long time, such a version has also been available in Germany since April 17, 2009.

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