Not a girl

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German title Not a girl
Original title Crossroads
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Tamra Davis
script Shonda Rhimes
production Ann Carli
music Trevor Jones
camera Eric Alan Edwards
cut Melissa Kent

Not a Girl (Original title: Crossroads ; Alternative title: Not a Girl - Crossroads ) is an American feature film with the pop singer Britney Spears . Although the film (production budget: 12 million US dollars) grossed almost five times its cost worldwide at 61 million US dollars and reached number 2 on the US cinema charts (US box office earnings: 37.2 million US dollars ), it was panned by the critics.

In Germany, 643,170 viewers saw the film, it reached number 6 on the cinema charts.


In their childhood, the three girls Mimi, Lucy and Kit were inseparable. They promised to be friends forever. One day they got the idea to put all their wishes in a box and dig them in. It was agreed that this box should be dug up again at their graduation ceremony - by all three.

However, the three girls have developed so differently that they are reluctant to come to the agreed place at first, but eventually they meet and dig up the box. Lucy had wished to finally get to know her mother, the now pregnant Mimi wanted to stand with her feet in the Pacific , and Kit wanted to get married.

Since none of them could realize their dreams yet, they go to Los Angeles. Lucy, because her mother lives on the way where she wants to be let out. Kit because her boyfriend and fiancé is studying in Los Angeles and Mimi because she wants to go to an audition there. Your driver on the way to LA is Ben, a musician who takes the three girls with him. On the way, the three of them find their way back to their old friendship. Part of the car breaks on the way to LA, and Lucy wants to call her father and give it up. But the friends can persuade her not to give up yet. They try to raise the money in a karaoke bar , which they achieve. In the evening they get drunk for the first time and tell each other bad things about each other. Mimi confesses to Lucy and Kit that the child is not from her boyfriend, but that she was raped while drunk. The three friends promise to look after each other forever and never again to drift apart so much.

Lucy meets your mother, who doesn't want to have anything more to do with her. As a result, and through success at karaoke singing, Lucy decides to take part in the LA singing competition. Lucy has now developed a close relationship with Ben. When he plays her a self-composed song that he has come up with for one of Lucy's poems, the two of them kiss for the first time. Once in LA, Kit and Mimi want to explore the city, while Ben and Lucy stay behind at the motel . Instead of sightseeing, Kit goes to her fiancé with Mimi. She catches him with someone else and learns that he is the father of Mimi's child. Then she leaves him angry. When she storms out of the house with Mimi, she falls and loses her baby. Lucy's father comes to LA and wants to take the girls home. Lucy can make it clear to him that she is not like her mother and that he has to let her go. She falls into Ben's arms, whom she had already said goodbye to. At the end you see Lucy as the winner of the singing competition with her self-composed song "I'm not a Girl - Not yet a Woman". She dedicates this song to herself and her journey.


Chicago Tribune : Spears delivers her performance with the same seriousness that she would invest in a Pepsi commercial, only this film is even more sugar-coated.

Cinema: Amazingly, the director brings the pubescent drama over the stage without great embarrassment, Miss Spears is by no means embarrassed. It even looks quite cute.

Los Angeles Times : Spears does her business as well as anyone could in such a contrived and sluggish movie. It has a natural presence on the screen [...] It may shock you, but it's ok.

Washington Post : Not a music video, but not a movie either , more of a kind of extended-play advertisement for the product called Britney.


Won Golden Raspberry 2003 :

Nomination Golden Raspberry 2003 :

  • Worst movie
  • Worst teen movie
  • Worst Director: Tamra Davis
  • Worst movie song: Overprotected (Britney Spears)

Nomination MTV Movie Awards 2002 :

  • Best Dressed Up Personality: Britney Spears
  • Best young talent: Britney Spears

Nomination for the Teen Choice Awards 2002 :

  • Best screen couple: Britney Spears and Anson Mount
  • Best Actress Comedy / Drama: Britney Spears


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