Piranha 3D

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German title Piranha 3D
Original title Piranha 3D
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Alexandre Aja
script Pete Goldfinger
Josh Stolberg
production Alexandre Aja
Mark Canton
Marc Toberoff
Grégory Levasseur
music Michael Wandmacher
camera John R. Leonetti
cut Baxter

Piranha 3D is a 3D horror comedy from 2010 and the second remake of Piranhas from 1978. It was directed by Alexandre Aja . The screenplay was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. The film opened in German cinemas on October 14, 2010.


Angler Matthew Boyd is fishing in his small fishing boat when an earthquake rips a huge crack in the bottom of Lake Victoria. This allows prehistoric piranhas to enter the lake from an underwater lake.

Hundreds of party-loving students cavort at the spring break at Lake Victoria . The 17-year-old Jake Forester wants to pick up his little sister from music class (trombone) and meets Danni, who is supposed to shoot erotic scenes with Crystal on the lake for the website "Wild Wild Girls". The director Derrick Jones becomes aware of the locals and offers them a job as a guide.

When Jake wants to get on the boat the next day, he meets Kelly, who was actually not allowed to find out about this project. Derrick manages to convince her to come on the boat.

A team of researchers with Sheriff Julie Forester is also out on the lake because of the found body of the angler. Two researchers dive and get through the crevice into the underwater lake, which has fatal consequences for both of them. The third researcher, Novak Radzinsky, also gets into the water to check on the researchers.

He can pull one of the divers onto the boat, who is already dead. A piranha was also dragged onto the boat to be brought to Henry Goodman's laboratory.

When the sheriffs realize what's going on in the lake, they want to get the crowd out of the water as quickly as possible. But since nobody listens to the sheriffs, there are many victims. The piranhas are now in a bloodlust. A mass panic breaks out among the people who are now trying to get out of the water as quickly as possible. A massacre of the party guests begins, but many of the piranhas are also killed. a. killed by the deputies.

There are again problems out on the boat. The boat hit a rock and is gradually sinking. As a result of the impact, Derrick and Crystal fall into the water. Crystal is immediately devoured by piranhas and Derrick is able to pull himself onto the boat with the help of Danni, where he loses his legs.

A dramatic rescue operation begins.

Jake's mother learns that Jake's two little siblings are on the sinking boat and immediately rushes to help. During the rescue operation, Danni is the next to die. She falls into the water after being bitten by piranhas. Kelly is trapped below deck and the water level is rising steadily. Jake doesn't want to go without her since he took her to the lake.

So he throws Derrick's body into the water, which draws the piranhas' attention away from Kelly. They swim to the corpse and gnaw it off. Meanwhile, Jake ties a rope around his stomach, the other end of which is tied to Novak's boat. He dives through the bottom of the boat and gets Kelly out of the boat. He blows the boat up with a combination of gas and a flare, which supposedly all piranhas die. Before the explosion, Novak starts the boat, as a result of which Kelly and Jake are carried away and thus save themselves from the piranhas, Jake's back is bitten by the piranhas.

Everything seems to be going well, but then Henry Goodman calls. He realized that the piranha specimen is not yet sexually mature in his laboratory. This means that they are not yet fully grown and the piranhas have only been the young until now. After Novak asks where the parent animals are, a full-grown piranha jumps over the boat and pulls Novak into the water with him.


"In 1978, director Joe Dante and cult-producer Roger Corman with" piranha "the suitable exploitation answer to Steven Spielberg's three years earlier launched masterpiece" Jaws ". Instead of one big one, thousands of small fish went hunting here. After the sequel “ Piranha 2 - Flying Killer ” by the young James Cameron (!) And a superfluous new TV edition from the 1990s , the Frenchman Alexandre Aja is now bringing a remake to the cinemas that differs from the previous works by the extreme director (“ High Tension ”) differs greatly not only because of the added third dimension. Because even if the fake blood consumption of "Piranha 3D" puts everything that has existed before in the shade, Aja is never concerned with spreading fear and horror. Instead, the horror comedy aims primarily at the laughing muscles of the audience with a badly ending wet T-shirt contest and a first bitten off and then bulged penis. "

- filmstarts.de

“Long before“ Piranha 3D ”was allowed to start in the cinemas, the PR wave from the USA rolled over us and made one thing crystal clear above all: The makers in front of and behind the camera take their bloody fish killer strips with humor. For example, they put a clip online in which they advertised an OSCAR nomination in the “best film” category for the upcoming 2011 awards ceremony. Yes, they have a sense of humor. In fact, this very fact saves the film to an average. “Piranha 3D” doesn't take itself seriously and therefore scores with charm and expression, which is unusual for a horror film. On the other hand, Alexander Aja staged his remake more than just disgusting. So disgusting that you get sick from time to time while you go to the cinema. Severed camisoles, stripped faces, ... "Piranha 3D" goes one step further with its film than, for example, " Saw " or " Final Destination " and is terrifying with gruesome scenes that burn into your own retinas and not come out of them anytime soon will fade away. Is it really always the right thing to do, still go one step and one step further than your colleagues before? "Piranha 3D" has some really cool laughs ready for its fantastic audience and can collect points with its charming appearance. Because of the brutality, the crossing of boundaries in terms of blood and disgust scenes, and the one or the other bad taste, this animal horror flick is mostly losing ground. "

- moviesection.de

“Alexandre Aja's trash spectacle Piranha 3D is by and large a waste of talent. The actually capable horror director stages an entertaining but unfortunately not very convincing B-movie clothes with a lot of bare skin and splatter. Unfortunately, the result is rather low-tension and monotonous due to the colorless figures and questionable decisions. "

- filmering.at


Scream Awards 2011

  • Winner in the Most Memorable Mutilation category
  • Nomination in the Best Horror Movie category
  • Nomination in the Best Cameo category for Richard Dreyfuss
  • Nomination in the Most Memorable Mutilation category
  • Nomination in the category Holy Sh * t Scene of the Year
  • Nomination in the category Best 3-D Movie


  1. Get U Home by Shwayze
  2. Shake Shake by Envy feat. Leviticus
  3. Here she comes by Flatheads
  4. Make It Take It by Amanda Blank
  5. Bring the Noise (Remix Pump-kin Edit) by Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi
  6. She Moves by Dub Pistols
  7. Flower Duet from Lakme by Adriana Kohutova and Denisa Slepkovska
  8. Nadas Por Free by Ozomatli
  9. Come and Get It Eli Paperboy Reed
  10. Now You See It (Benny Benassi & Dj Shimik Extended Mix) by Honorebel Feat. Pitbull & Jump Smokers
  11. MAD Hadouken!
  12. I'm in the House by Steve Aoki


A sequel titled Piranha 2 was made under the direction of John Gulager. The film was released in American cinemas in June 2012. Some actors like Ving Rahmes and Christopher Lloyd could be seen again in their roles. The film was not a hit at the box office or critics. In Germany, the film will be released on DVD under the title Piranha 2 .

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