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The Pomeranian cuisine is u. a. known for their wide range of fish dishes, such as the cream herring shown with onions and fried potatoes, or the pickled Bismarck herring from Stralsund .

The term Pomeranian cuisine is understood to mean the culinary preparation methods that are characteristic of the eating habits of the population in the historical province of Pomerania , which includes Szczecin and Western Pomerania . This cuisine is characterized by the crops grown by the Pomeranian farmers, such as beetroot and sugar beet , by their poultry breeding, which the famous Pomeranian goose produced, by the wealth of fish in the Baltic Sea , in the rivers and in the inland waters of the Pomeranian Lake district and the range of game from the Pomeranian forests. The Pomeranian cuisine is generally considered to be rather hearty. The potato , which thrives particularly well in the Pomeranian soil, played an important role . The existence of a potato museum in Western Pomerania is evidence of this to this day .

The Pomeranian farmers were self-sufficient, storing field crops until the next harvest, preserving meat products in the smokehouse in their own home or in smoke houses that were privately operated in larger villages (such as the village of Schlawin ). Fruit, vegetables, lard, and goose flavors were preserved by preserving them in mason jars. Syrup as a spread was made from sugar beet itself.

In the modern kitchen, the original Pomeranian peculiarities are often supplemented by new facets, old dishes are rediscovered and combined with current recipes.



Sea buckthorn berries are processed into a variety of products in Western Pomerania . In addition to liqueur and juice, there is also a. Jam .


  • Barther Pils, Bernstein, Ritter Alkun, honey beer, bock beer and fruit beers from the Barther brewery
  • Mellenthiner light, dark; Seasonally also Weizen, Bock, Eisbock, Rauch, Schwarz and Alt in the moated castle Mellenthin on the island of Usedom
  • Störtebeker Pilsener, black beer, amber wheat, "1402", rye wheat, beach robber mixed beers and strong beer; Stralsunder Pils, Lager, Traditionsbock u. a. from the Störtebeker brewery in Stralsund
  • Usedomer Inselbier Pils, Naturtrüb, Weizen, Schwarz and Insel alster in the Usedomer Brewery in Heringsdorf

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meat and sausage



Stews, vegetables and potato dishes

Pears, beans and bacon (also known as "Grönen Heini")


Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce is a typical dessert in Pomerania.

Toppings and spreads

Christmas foods

  • Honey cake on the sheet
  • Small pomeranian cakes
  • gingerbread
  • Pomeranian honey butter cakes
  • Pomeranian quark rolls

Top gastronomy

In Western Pomerania there are several renowned restaurants in the 21st century that have received awards.

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Binz with the star restaurant "Freustil"

Among the star restaurants listed in the 2015 Michelin Guide are the restaurant freustil, run by chef Ralf Haug, in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Binz on Rügen , André Münch's restaurant in the Stolpe manor in Stolpe (Peene) , the restaurant Tom Wickboldt in Heringsdorf on Usedom , and for the first time the gourmet restaurant Scheel's in the Scheelehof in Stralsund , under the direction of the Stralsund chefs Björn Kapelke and Henri Zipperling.

In its 2015 edition, the culinary guide Gault-Millau lists Knobloch's herb kitchen in Göhren on Rügen , headed by head chef Peter Knobloch, with 16 out of 20 possible points, as well as the Freustil restaurant under Ralf Haug in Binz. René Bobzin from the restaurant Zur alten Post in Bansin on Usedom and Tom Wickboldt from the restaurant of the same name in neighboring Heringsdorf were also awarded 15 points . Other restaurant guides such as the Varta-Führer , Bertelsmann-Guide , Der Feinschmecker and the Schlemmer Atlas attest the high quality of top gastronomy in Western Pomerania.

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