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Ralf Vollmuth (born May 4, 1963 in Würzburg ) is a German dentist , medical officer ( senior physician ) and medical historian .


Vollmuth joined the German Armed Forces as a medical officer candidate in 1982 after completing his high school education in Würzburg (where the student who lived in Gerbrunn attended the Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium there) and graduating from high school . From 1982 to 1988 he studied dentistry at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg . In addition, from 1986 he attended lectures in history and German studies . After that he was head of dental groups. In 1991 he became a lecturer at the Institute for the History of Medicine in Würzburg. In 1991 he was awarded the doctoral thesis The medical service in the Landsknechtsheeren of the late Middle Ages and early modern times. Problems and solutions to the Dr. med. dent. PhD.

Then he was used in the military area command VI / 1 in Munich and in the staff of the Air Force Supply Regiment 1 in Erding . In 2000 he completed his habilitation in the history of medicine at the University of Würzburg with a thesis on traumatology and field surgery at the turn of the Middle Ages to the modern age, exemplified by the 'Great Surgery' of Walther Hermann Ryff and took over a private lectureship . In 2006 he received an extraordinary professorship . His research focus is the history of anatomy and surgery in the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

In 2001 he became a department head in the medical department of the Bundeswehr (SanABw) in Munich and in 2010 head of the dentist group in Hammelburg . From 2013 to 2016 he was a research associate in the research area “Military History since 1945” at the Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr (ZMSBw) in Potsdam. In July 2016 he was appointed as the inspector of the medical service for the history, theory and ethics of military medicine at the ZMSBw.

He is a member and a. the Society for the History of Military Medicine (assessor), the Working Group on the History and Ethics of Military Medicine of the DGWMP (Chairman), the German Society for the History of Medicine, Natural Science and Technology , the Görres Society , the Society for German Student History and the Medievalist Association . Until the dissolution of the Würzburg Medical History Society in 2011, Ralf Vollmuth was an active member for many years, most recently as its chairman.

Vollmuth published several books, articles in specialist journals (including Schiff & Zeit , Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen , Wehrmedizin und Wehrpharmazie ) and edited volumes and articles in the "Pschyrembel Dictionary of Medical History". In addition, from 2001 he was co-editor of the Würzburg medical history reports (together with Gundolf Keil and Dominik Groß ).

He is married and has one child. Since 1982 he has been a member of the Catholic student association KDStV Markomannia Würzburg .

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