That's how we travel and that's how we love

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German title That's how we travel and that's how we love
Original title If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1969
length 98 minutes
Director Mel Stuart
script David Shaw
production Stan Margulies ,
David L. Wolper
music Walter Scharf
camera Vilis Lapenieks
cut David Saxon

Guest appearances:

How We Travel and How We Love is a romantic comedy released by United Artists in 1969. The film was shot on location in Europe under the direction of Mel Stuart . Numerous international stars as well as the then Miss Belgium , Sonya Doumen, can be seen in guest appearances. The theme song If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium ("If today is Tuesday, this must be Belgium ") was written by Donovan and interpreted by JP Rags .

The love story is embedded in the bus tour of a tourist group that takes you through nine countries in Europe in 18 days. All travel participants have special experiences that are told in a relaxed, humorous and fast-paced way.


Charlie Cartwright, the UK-based guide for American tourists, is not in the mood for his new tour group. But surprisingly, even on his late arrival at the airport in London, he meets an interesting member of the group: Samantha Perkins, who was sent by the others to look for the tour guide. Charlie, whose main interest lies in beautiful women whom he ensnares with his incomparable charm, is initially rejected by this cool American woman.

She quickly realized that he was only after bed stories. But during the trip, Charlie falls seriously in love and Samantha also develops feelings for him. After a few unsuccessful attempts and the surprising appearance of Samantha's fiancé George in Venice, the two finally spend a night together in Rome. Charlie proposes to Samantha shortly before leaving, but she is too confused by the romance of Europe and does not trust her feelings. For both of them, however, the encounter has a lasting effect on their future lives: Samantha has realized that her fiancé George is not the right man for her, and Charlie now sees his tourists with different eyes.


The lexicon of international films judged: “Some successful gags and lively dialogue passages that make fun of typical American behavior are quite amusing; otherwise this comedy trundles just as leisurely as the touring bus from one station to the next without really gaining momentum. ”The Evangelical Film Observer is not stingy with praise :“ Less a travel brochure than skeptical, self-ironic criticism of such ventures in the age of Mass tourism. Enjoyable entertainment. "

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