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Annelies Törös, Miss Belgium 2015
Cilou Annys, Miss Belgium 2010
Zeynep Sever, Miss Belgium 2009
Alizée Poulicek, Miss Belgium 2008

Miss Belgium is a national beauty contest in Belgium that has been held since 1969 by the Comité National Miss Belgique or Nationaal Comité Miss België . Domestically he is called Miss Belgique (French) or Miss België (Flemish).

Long before that, there were Belgian beauty queens who were chosen by other organizations. They took part in the Miss Universe election even before the Second World War . Netta Duchâteau even won this title in 1931.

Miss Belgium is the largest such competition in the country. Its winners and finalists take part in Miss World , Miss Universe , Miss International and Miss Europe .

From 1991 to 2009 there was another competition called Miss Belgian Beauty . It was started by Ignace Crombé and was organized by his agency Animô .


Miss Belgique before World War II

year Miss Belgique city
1921 Anny Duny ?
1922-27 unknown
1928 Anne Koyaert ?
1929 Jenny Vanparays Brussels
1930 Netta Duchâteau Namur
1931 Suzanne Daudin [Dandin] ?
1932 Simone Eraerts Brussels
1933 Georgette Casteels Anderlecht
1934 Josée Mondelaers ?
1935 Stéphanie Boumans ?
1936 Laura Torfs Limburg
1937 Josée Decœur Hasselt
1938 Mary Van Leda ?
1939 Gilberte de Somme Namur

Miss Belgium 1945–1968

year Miss Belgium
1945-48 unknown
1949 Andréa Bouillon
1950 ?
1951 Lucienne Zadworny
1952 Anne-Marie Pauwels
1953 Sépia Degehet
1954 Nelly Dehem
1955 Ghislain rosette
1956 Madeleine Hotelet
1957 Jeanne Chandelle
1958 Michèle Goethals
1959 Diane Hidalgo
1960 Hubert Box
1961 Jacqueline Oroi
1962 Christine Delit
1963 Irène Godin
1964 Danièle Defrère
1965 Lucy Nossent
1966 Mireille De Man
1967 Mauricette Sironval
1968 Sonia Commen

Miss Belgium since 1969

year Miss Belgium province
1969 Maud Alin coat of arms Hainaut
1970 Francine Martin coat of arms Liege
1971 Martine De Hert coat of arms Antwerp
1972 Anne-Marie Roger coat of arms Brussels
1973 Christiane De Visch coat of arms Antwerp
1974 Anne-Marie Sikorski coat of arms Liege
1975 Christine Delmelle coat of arms Liege
1976 Yvette Aelbrecht coat of arms Brussels
1977 Claudine Vasseur coat of arms Brussels
1978 Maggy Moreau coat of arms Brussels
1979 Christine Cailliau coat of arms Brussels
1980 Brigitte Billen coat of arms Limburg
1981 Dominique Van Eeckhoudt coat of arms Brussels
1982 Marie-Pierre Lemaître coat of arms Brussels
1983 Françoise Bostoen coat of arms West Flanders
1984 Brigitte Muyshondt coat of arms Antwerp
1985 To Van Den Broeck coat of arms Antwerp
1986 Goedele Liekens coat of arms Flemish Brabant
1987 Lynn Wesenbeek coat of arms Antwerp
1988 Daisy Van Cauwenbergh coat of arms Antwerp
1989 Anne De Baetzelier coat of arms Flemish Brabant
1990 Katia Alens coat of arms Antwerp
1991 Anke Van dermeersch coat of arms Antwerp
1992 Sandra Joine coat of arms Antwerp
1993 Stephanie Meire coat of arms West Flanders
1994 Ilse De Meulemeester coat of arms Flemish Brabant
1995 Veronique De Kock coat of arms Antwerp
1996 Laurence Borremans coat of arms Walloon Brabant
1997 Sandrine Corman coat of arms Liege
1998 Tanja Dexters coat of arms Antwerp
1999 Brigitta Callens coat of arms Antwerp
2000 Joke van de Velde coat of arms East Flanders
2001 Dina Tersago coat of arms Antwerp
2002 Ann van Elsen coat of arms Antwerp
2003 Julie Taton coat of arms Namur
2004 Ellen Petri coat of arms Antwerp
2005 Tatiana Silva Braga Tavares coat of arms Brussels
2006 Virginie Claes coat of arms Limburg
2007 Annelien Coorevits coat of arms West Flanders
2008 Alizée Poulicek coat of arms Liege
2009 Zeynep Sever coat of arms Brussels
2010 Cilou Annys coat of arms West Flanders
2011 Justine De Jonckheere coat of arms West Flanders
2012 Laura Beyne coat of arms Brussels
2013 Noémie Happart coat of arms Liege
2014 Laurence Langen coat of arms Limburg
2015 Annelies Foolish coat of arms Antwerp
2016 Lenty Frans coat of arms Antwerp
2017 Romanie Schotte coat of arms West Flanders

Miss Belgian Beauty

year Miss Belgian Beauty province
1991/1992 Rani De Coninck coat of arms East Flanders
1992/1993 Karina Beuthe coat of arms Hainaut
1993/1994 Karolien Taverniers coat of arms Brussels
1994/1995 Petra Winckelmans coat of arms Antwerp
1995/1996 Stefanie Van Vyve coat of arms West Flanders
1996/1997 Els Tibau coat of arms Flemish Brabant
1997/1998 Liesbeth Van Bavel coat of arms East Flanders
1998/1999 Darline Vanheule coat of arms Antwerp
1999/2000 Caroline Ex coat of arms Antwerp
2000/2001 Eveline Hoste coat of arms East Flanders
2001/2002 Brunhilde Verhenne coat of arms East Flanders
2002/2003 Zsofi Horvath coat of arms Antwerp
2003/2004 Sofie Grosemans coat of arms Limburg
2004/2005 Cynthia Reekmans coat of arms Limburg
2005/2006 Celine Du Caju coat of arms East Flanders
2006/2007 Anne-Marie Ilie coat of arms Antwerp
2007/2008 Nele Somers coat of arms Antwerp
2008/2009 Yoni Mous coat of arms Antwerp

Note: In the case of double years, the first usually means the date of the election, the second the "official year of office". For example, Anne-Marie Ilie was elected in October 2006 but is referred to as Miss Belgian Beauty 2007.

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