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Elena Roxana Azoitei, Miss World Romania 2007

Miss Romania is an annual national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Romania that began in the 1920s. The first beauty queen has even been handed down from 1906: Maria Peligrad from Sibiu (Hermannstadt) in Transylvania . At that time, however, the part of the country belonged to Austria-Hungary .

The winners took part in the Miss Europe and Miss Universe elections.

After decades of interruption due to the Second World War and the rule of communism , the event was held once again in 1979 and revived in 1991. It has been a registered trademark at the National Patent Office OSIM since 1993 under the name Miss Romania . The trademark owner and president of the organization is Gavrila Inoan .

Another organization has chosen the Romanian participant for the Miss World elections since 2001 (?) : Miss World Romania .

A special competition for women of Romanian origin who live abroad is Miss Diaspora . It is organized by the Pro Familia Association in Bucharest as part of the Callatis Festival , the largest music and culture festival in the country. (The model for this competition was the Italian for Miss Italia nel Mondo ).

The winners

Miss Romania before World War II

year Miss Romania
1928 Marioara Gănesco
1929 Magda Demetrescu
1930 Zoica Dona / Mariana Mirică
1931 Tanți Vuşoreanu
1932 Lilian Delescu
1933 Dina Mihalcea
1934 Hélène Dona
1935 Tița Cristescu (Dorothée Christesco)
1936-78 not carried out

Miss Romania

year Miss Romania
1979 Matilda Pascal Cojocăriță
1980-89 not issued
1990 Maria Olguta Săplăcan
1991 [Dana] Daniela Nane
1992 Camelia Ilie
1993 Rita Onisca Mureșan
1994 Roberta Anastase [Nastase]
1995 Monica Grosu
1996 Beatrice Vornicu
1997 Diana Maria Urdareanu
1998 Iuliana Elena Verdes
1999 Nicoleta Luciu
2000 Alexandra Cosmoiu (?)
2001 Corina Nicoleta Tulan (?)
2002 Alma Ciucur
2003 Adriana Silagy
2004-07 not carried out
2008 Diana Budoi
2009 Isabella Bulacu
2010 Sandra Bachici

Miss World Romania

year Miss World Romania
2001 Vanda Petre
2002 Cleopatra Popescu
2003 Patricia Filomena Chifor
2004 Adina María Cotuna
2005 Raluca Voina
2006 Ioana Valentina Boitor
2007 Elena Roxana Azoitei
2008 not carried out
2009 Loredana Violeta Salanta
2010 Lavinia Postolache

Miss Diaspora

year Miss Diaspora country
2000 Viktoriya Pintyak United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
2001-02 not carried out
2003 Daniela Manolache GreeceGreece Greece
2004 Olesea Detiuc Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova
2005 Ana Spatari Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova
2006 Andreea Elena Ambrosa ItalyItaly Italy
2007 Ana Sophia Marcu United StatesUnited States United States
2008 Alexandra Tanase CanadaCanada Canada
2009 Alexandra Maria Tarcu CanadaCanada Canada
2010 Tatiana Nicoleta Răducanu ItalyItaly Italy


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  2. ↑ In 1930 Zoica Dona took part in the Miss Europe in Paris and the Miss Universe in Rio de Janeiro for Romania , Mariana Mirică in the same year in the Miss Universe in Galveston (Texas).
  3. Mădălina Benson (born November 19, 1973 as Mădălina Dorin ; † November 23, 2002 in Northamptonshire ) was only a finalist in the competition, although there were other reports in the reports on her death.

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