Miss Liechtenstein

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Miss Liechtenstein is a beauty contest for unmarried women in the Principality of Liechtenstein . There were no regular elections until 2006 : the first took place in 1988. The second was carried out in 1994 by the Austrian Miss-Vorarlberg-Corporation . In March 2007 the third event was organized by a local organizing committee and is now to take place annually.

In 2007, 18 registrations were received, from which the 10 finalists were then chosen. In the following year, 18 registrations were also received, with 8 finalists participating in the election evening.


year Miss Liechtenstein
1987 Maria Hofer
1988 Verena Berthold
1989-1993 not carried out
1994 Carmen Foser-Königsdorfer
1995-2006 not carried out
2007 Fabienne Walser
2008 Stefanie Kaiser

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