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Carmen Kool, Miss World Netherlands 2008
Melissa Sneekes, Miss Netherlands 2007

Miss Netherlands is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in the Netherlands , domestically called Miss Nederland .

It already had a forerunner before World War II called Miss Holland . The winners took part in the choice of Miss Europe and Miss Universe . The competition was first held in 1929 by the magazine Het Leven (Life) in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam .

The second forerunner existed under the same name from 1950 to 1989. The winners ran for Miss Universe , Miss Europe and (less often) Miss World .

In 1989 this competition was divided for several decades: since then there was Miss Nederland , organized by the Miss Nederland Organization , the winners of which took part in the Miss Europe election (until 2007 also in Miss World ). The organizers of the Miss Universe Nederland (1991-2005) delegated their winners to the Miss Universe . The competition was temporarily revived in 2008.

The Miss World Netherlands bv 2008 chose the Dutch participant at the Miss World .

Since 2009, the participants in Miss World , Miss Universe and Miss Europe have all been determined in the Miss Nederland competition .

In addition, there was an independent competition for Miss Earth Netherlands from 2004 to 2011 . As the name suggests, the winner ran for Miss Earth .

The winners

Miss Holland before World War II

year Winner
1929 Johanna (Jopie) Koopman
1930 Elly Kuster
Rie van der rest
1931 Marie Lelyveld (Marie van Lelyveld)
1932 Carolina (Corrie) Geels
1933 not carried out
1934 Sonja Coers
1935 Stella Elte
1936 Mia Kramer
1937 Elise Schimpf

Miss Holland 1948–1989

year Miss Holland
1948/49 Mary Jochemse
1950 Hilda Lisman
1951 Betty Drosdy
1952 Yvonne Meyer
1953 [Stanny] Sandy Weyers
1954 Janny Harteveld
1955 Angelina Kalkhoven
1956 Rita Schmidt
1957 Corine Rottschäfer
1958 Lucienne Struve
1959 Peggy Erwich
1960 [Ansje] Ans schoon
1961 [Annemarie] Anne Marie Brink
1962 [Rina] Catharina Lodders
1963 Godelieve Stassen [Sassen]
1964 Elly Tibina Koot
1965 [Anja, Amja] Anna Maria Schuit
1966 Margo Domen
1967 Irene van Campenhout
1968 Marjolein Abbink [Abbing]
1969 Welmoed Hollenberg
1970 Maureen Renzen
1971 Laura Mulder-Smid
1972 Jenny ten Wolde
1973 Yildiz de cat
1974 Nicoline Broeckx
1975 Linda Snippe
Cora Kitz
1976 Lucie Visser
Nanny Nielen
1977 Sharine Leenders
1977 Ineke Berends
1978 Karin Ingrid Gustafsson
1978 Jacqueline Hartog
1979 Eunice Bharatsingh
1980 Karin Gooyer
1981 Ingrid Schouten
1982 Brigitte Dierickx
1983 Nancy Lalleman Heynis
1984 Nancy Neede
1985 Pasquale summer
Mandy Jacobs
1986 Janny ter Velde
1987 Angelique Cremers
1988 Angela Visser
Nandy Hendrikx
1989 Stephanie Halenbeek

Miss Nederland and Miss Universe Nederland

year Miss Nederland Miss Universe Nederland
1989 Liesbeth Caspers not carried out
1990 Gabriëlle Stap Rita Hallier
1991 Linda Egging Paulien Huizinga
1992 Gaby van Nijmegen Vivian Jansen
1993 Hilda van der Meulen [Vermeulen] Angelique van Zaalen
1994 Yoshka Bon Irene van der Laar
1995 Didie Schackman Chantal van Woensel
1996 Petra Hoost Marja de Graaf
1997 Sonja Silva not carried out
1998 Nerena Ruinemans Jacqueline Rotteveel
1999 Ilona van Veldhuisen Gisela Ballensiefen
2000 Raja Moussaoui Chantal van Roessel
2001 Irena Pantelic Reshma Roopram
2002 Elise Boulogne Kim Kötter
2003 Sanne de Regt Tessa (Amber) Brix
2004 Miranda Slabber Lindsay (Grace) Pronk
2005 not carried out Sharita Sopacua
2006 Sheryl Baas not carried out
2007 Melissa Sneekes not carried out
2008 Deniz Akkoyun Charlotte Labee
2009 Avalon-Chanel Weyzig not carried out
2010 Desirée van den Berg not carried out
2011 not carried out Kelly Weekers
2012 Nathalie den Dekker not carried out
2013 not carried out Stephanie Tency
2014 not carried out Yasmin Verheijen
2015 Jessie Jazz Vuijk not carried out
2016 Zoey Ivory not carried out

Miss Earth Netherlands and Miss World Netherlands

year Miss Earth Netherlands Miss World Netherlands
2004 Saadia Himi not carried out
2005 Dagmar Saija not carried out
2006 Sabrina van der Donk not carried out
2007 Milou Verhoeks not carried out
2008 Melanie de Laat Carmen Kool
2009 Sabrina Anijs not carried out
2010 not carried out not carried out
2011 Jill Duijves Jill de Robles
2012 not carried out not carried out
2013 not carried out Jacqueline Steenbeek
2014 not carried out Tatjana Maul

These competitions have not been held since 2015, instead the candidates are determined by Miss Nederland (as previously at times) .


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  2. 1930: Elly Kuster was disqualified because she gave false information about her age.
  3. 1975: Linda Snippe ran for Miss Universe in the same year , but was then disqualified and replaced by Cora Kitz, who placed second.
  4. 1976: The original winner, Lucie Visser, resigned after participating in Miss Europe . In her place came the second-placed Nanny Nielen, who took part in international competitions.
  5. 1976: However, she did not officially accept the crown and also ran for the Miss Holland competitions in 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1982!
  6. 1977: Ineke Berends won a competition from the Privé magazine , organized by Miss Holland 1957, Corinne Rottschaefer.
  7. ^ 1978: two competing competitions
  8. 1985: The actual winner, Pasquale Sommers, was disqualified and replaced by the second placed Mandy Jacobs. Pasquale Sommers got her title back in a civil lawsuit, but was never delegated to international competitions.
  9. 1988: After Angela Visser was elected Miss Universe in 1989 , the second-placed Nandy Hendrikx moved up.

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