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Roberte Cusey is considered the first official "Miss France" in 1926
Iris Mittenaere , Miss France 2016, later won the Miss Universe title .
Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France 2006 and Miss Europe 2006
Elodie Gossuin, Miss France 2001 and Miss Europe 2001

Miss France is a title for an annual beauty pageant in France . The candidates will be judged by a jury and the television audience.

The Miss France competition is one of the oldest national beauty pageants. It began in 1920 and was only interrupted by the Second World War (in June 1940, after the campaign in the west, there was a surrender-like armistice at Compiègne ; from the summer of 1944, France was gradually liberated by Allied troops).

In 1920, the author and journalist Maurice de Waleffe (1874–1946), founder and publisher of Paris Midi magazine , called a “ referendum ” to determine the most beautiful woman in France. The success was enormous: 1,700 young women took part by sending in their photos. After an initial selection of 49 candidates by a jury, seven appeared on the screens of all cinemas across the country in seven weeks, in which the audience had received a voting slip together with the admission ticket. This is how the first Miss France was chosen, 17 year old Agnès Souret, with a Basque mother and a Breton father. She had sent a photo of her first communion and received an overwhelming majority of 198,000 votes. After this success she went on worldwide tours as a revue dancer and died in Argentina in 1929. Her mother had her body transferred and buried in her original home, Espelette , near Biarritz .

In the following year, 49 city beauty queens were determined and the winner was chosen from among them. This mode of local or regional area codes and a national final elimination has been preserved to this day.

The title of the competition and the winner at the time was still the most beautiful woman in France ( La plus belle femme de France ), as Maurice de Waleffe had reservations about Anglicisms. It was not until 1927 that another member of the organizing committee coined the term Miss France , Roberte Cusey became the first female holder of this title.

From 1928, Miss France was able to participate in the Miss Europe election . De Waleffe also launched this competition and the corresponding organizing committee. The elimination took place in spring, always in Paris at the beginning .

On the occasion of the Paris World Exhibition in 1937 , candidates from the French colonies and overseas territories ( French Guiana , Guadeloupe , Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Tahiti, Nouvelle-Calédonie) were allowed to take part in the Miss France competition for the first time . Until today (2012) - after the decolonization - France has some overseas departments .

In the interwar period , the titleholders were appointed in the calendar year of their term of office (most recently in January). After de Waleffe's death and the re-establishment of the committee in 1946, the election of the regional Missen took place the year before, and Miss France was chosen in November or December, the first post-war Miss for 1947, Yvonne Viseux, at the end of 1946.

In December 2020, after the Miss France 2021 election in the Puy du Fou amusement park, there were anti-Semitic attacks on the Internet against runner-up April Benayoum, whose father is of Israeli origin. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti announced that the authorities would take legal action against the senders of such hateful messages. Benayoum himself expressed sadness that such attacks would still come in 2020. She spoke out in favor of a mobilization to stop this. The winner Amandine Petit also showed solidarity with Benayoum.

The winners

year Miss France Region, landscape or department
1920 Agnes Souret Basses-Pyrénées / Pays Basque
1921 Pauline Pô Corsica
1922-25 not carried out
1926 Robert Cusey law
1927 Raymonde Allain Brittany
1928 Germaine Laborde Gascony
1929 Madeleine Mourgues Languedoc-Roussillon
1930 Yvette Labrousse Lyon
1931 Jeanne Juilla Gascony
1932 Lucienne Ahmias [Nahmias] Paris
1933 Lyne de Souza
(Emilienne Quesson de Souza)
French Riviera
1934 Simone Barillier Paris
1935 Elisabeth Pitz Saar area
Gisele Preville Paris
1936 Lynne Lassal Picardy
1937 Jacqueline Janet Brittany
1938 Annie Garrigues Pyrénées-Orientales
1939 Ginette Catriens Paris
1940 Joséphine Ladwig Alsace
1941-46 not carried out
1947 Yvonne Viseux French Riviera
1948 Jacqueline Donny Paris
1949 Juliette Figueras Paris
1950 Maryse Delort "Miss Automobile"
1951 Nicole Drouin Saint Tropez
1952 Josiane Pouy Gascony
1953 Sylviane Carpentier Picardy
1954 Irène Tunq Lyon
1955 Véronique Zuber Paris
1956 Maryse Fabre French Riviera
Gisèle Charbit Morocco
1957 Sylvie Numez Saint-Etienne
1958 Monique negler Normandy
1959 Monique Chiron Poitou
1960 Brigitte Barazer Côte d'Émeraude
1961 Luce Auger ?
Michèle Wargnier Brittany
1962 Monique Lemaire Côte d'Émeraude
1963 Muguette Fabris Île de France
1964 Jacqueline Gayraud Vendée
1965 Christiane Sibellin Lyon
1966 Michèle Boule Cannes
Monique Boucher Charente
1967 Jeanne Beck Normandy
1968 Christiane Lillio Saint-Etienne
1969 Suzanne Angly Alsace
1970 Micheline Beaurain Paris
1971 Myriam Stocco Languedoc-Roussillon
1972 Chantal Bouvier de Lamotte Paris
Claudine Cassereau Poitou
1973 Isabelle Krumacker Lorraine
1974 Edna Tepava Tahiti
1975 Sophie Perin Lorraine
1976 Monique Uldaric Reunion
1977 Véronique Fagot Poitou
1978 Pascale Taurua Nouvelle-Calédonie
Kelly Hoarau Reunion
Brigitte Konjovic Paris
1979 Sylvie Parera Marseille
1980 Thilda Fuller Tahiti
Patricia Barzyk law
1981 Isabelle Benard Normandy
1982 Sabrina Belleval French Riviera
1983 Isabelle Turpault Paris
Frédérique Leroy Bordeaux
1984 Martine Robine Normandy
1985 Suzanne Iskandar Alsace
1986 Valérie Pascale Paris
1987 Nathalie Marquay Alsace
1988 Sylvie Bertin Bresse - Bugey
Claudia Frittolini Alsace
1989 Peggy Zlotkowski Aquitaine
1990 Gaëlle Voiry Aquitaine
1991 Mareva Georges Tahiti
1992 Linda Hardy Pays de la Loire
1993 Véronique de la Cruz Guadeloupe
1994 Valerie Claisse Pays de la Loire
1995 Melody Vilbert Aquitaine
1996 Laure Belleville Pays de Savoie
1997 Patricia Spehar Paris
1998 Sophie Thalmann Lorraine
1999 Mareva Galanter Tahiti
2000 Sonia Rolland Burgundy
2001 Élodie Gossuin Picardy
2002 Sylvie Tellier Lyon
2003 Corinne Coman Guadeloupe
2004 Lætitia Bléger Alsace
2005 Cindy Fabre Normandy
2006 Alexandra Rosenfeld Languedoc
2007 Rachel Legrain-Trapani Picardy
2008 Valérie Bègue Reunion
2009 Chloé Mortaud Albigeois Midi-Pyrenees
2010 Malika Ménard Normandy
2011 Laury Thilleman Brittany
2012 Dolphins Wespiser Alsace
2013 Marine Lorphelin Burgundy
2014 Flora Coquerel Orléanais
2015 Camille Cerf Nord-Pas-de-Calais
2016 Iris Mittenaere Nord-Pas-de-Calais
2017 Alicia Aylies French Guiana
2018 Maëva Coucke Nord-Pas-de-Calais
2019 Vaimalama Chaves Tahiti
2020 Clémence Botino Guadeloupe
2021 Amandine Petit Normandy


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  2. 1935: The original winner, Elisabeth Pitz from the Saar area , resigned two hours after the election due to violent protests by the mothers of her competitors against the choice of a German-born Miss. After the police had calmed the tumult, the second-placed Gisèle Preville from Paris received the title.
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  4. 1956: The election of Maryse Fabre ( Côte d'Azur ) was canceled after public protests. There was a new election the following evening, and the title went to Gisèle Charbit from Morocco .
  5. 1961: Luce Auger renounced for an unknown reason and gave her title to Michèle Wargnier (Miss Bretagne ), who came in second
  6. 1966: Michèle Boule (Miss Cannes ) lost her title to Monique Boucher (Miss Poitou-Charentes ) for reasons unknown .
  7. 1972: Chantal Bouvier de Lamotte abdicated after an injury from a fall from his horse. She gave her title to the runner-up Miss Poitou , Claudine Cassereau.
  8. 1978: The actual winner, Pascale Taurua ( Nouvelle-Calédonie ), resigned immediately after her election, so that the second placed Kelly Hoarau ( Réunion ) moved up. You also renounced! Finally, the third was awarded the title - Brigitte Konjovic ( Paris ).
  9. 1980: Thilda Fuller ( Tahiti ) resigned after three hours, and the runner-up Patricia Barzyk ( Département Jura ) moved up.
  10. 1983: Isabelle Turpault ( Paris ) was replaced 40 days after her election by Vice-Miss Frédérique Leroy ( Bordeaux ) after the appearance of nude photos .
  11. 1988: Sylvie Bertin ( Bresse - Bugey ) was replaced by second-placed Claudia Frittolini ( Alsace ) after she had refused to take part in the Miss Universe election that same year.
  12. 1999: The election result was questioned, but after a short process it was declared legally valid.
  13. 2001: Élodie Gossuin was assumed to be transsexual or even a man. The election result was confirmed.
  14. 2008: The winner fell into disrepute because of several "shocking" photos that had been taken three years earlier and, in the opinion of the organizing committee, damaged Miss France's reputation. Three weeks after the election, the organizers discussed a disqualification and decided that Valérie Bègue could keep her title, but not compete in international competitions.

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