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Mister Austria is a national beauty pageant for men in Austria that has been run by the Miss Austria Corporation since 1996 . The venue has been the Empire Club in Linz since (at least) 2002 . The first two from each federal state take part in the final round. This means that 18 candidates from the 9 federal states are running for the election.

Austria has been sending candidates to the international Manhunt International competition since 1994 . How the first participants qualified is not known.

The winners

year Surname place of origin state
1996 Helmut Strebl Reutte TyrolTyrol (state) Tyrol
1997 Andreas Sappl Telfs TyrolTyrol (state) Tyrol
1998 Gerald Suitner TyrolTyrol (state) Tyrol
1999 Bernd Winterleitner StyriaStyria Styria
2000 Martin Fritz Bludenz VorarlbergVorarlberg Vorarlberg
2001 Manuel Rauner Loipersbach in Burgenland BurgenlandBurgenland Burgenland
2002 Michael Schuller Leonding OberosterreichUpper Austria Upper Austria
2003 David Königshofer Linz OberosterreichUpper Austria Upper Austria
2004 Dejan Krstovic Hard VorarlbergVorarlberg Vorarlberg
2005 Matthias Thaler innsbruck TyrolTyrol (state) Tyrol
2006 Emanuel Burger Hard VorarlbergVorarlberg Vorarlberg
2007 Stefan Koeb Wolfurt VorarlbergVorarlberg Vorarlberg
2009 Lukas Wosmek Wiener Neustadt NiederosterreichLower Austria Lower Austria
2010 Andreas Greifeneder catfish OberosterreichUpper Austria Upper Austria
2011 Kurt Kases Vienna ViennaVienna Vienna
2013 Philipp Knefz StyriaStyria Styria
2015 Fabian Kitzweger Velm NiederosterreichLower Austria Lower Austria
2016 Philipp Rafetseder Linz OberosterreichUpper Austria Upper Austria

Austrian participants in international competitions

Not all of the participants listed here bore the title Mister Austria : other finalists of the competition were also delegated.

As far as is known, the placement in the respective international competition is given in brackets after the name : One digit means the place, SF = semi-finalist.

year Manhunt International Mister World
1994 Alex Schindelars
1995 Rainer Kantz
1996 No competition Helmut Strebl
1997 no participation No competition
1998 Erich Wandl Andreas Sappl
1999 William Summer No competition
2000 no participation no participation
2001 Gunter Niederist No competition
2002 no participation No competition
2003 No competition Michael Schuller
2004 No competition No competition
2005 no participation No competition
2006 no participation No competition
2007 Marcus Unfried Matthias Thaler (SF)
2008 no participation No competition

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