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Diana Starkova from France, Miss Europe 2016

Miss Europe is an annual beauty pageant for unmarried women, in which candidates from Europe as well as from Armenia, Georgia, Israel and Cyprus take part. Before 1945 there were also applicants from the French possessions at the time on the Mediterranean, such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria-Lebanon.

A distinction is made between several competitions:

Competitions before World War II

In 1927 a one-time competition was held. It was hosted by Fanamet , a European distribution consortium of Paramount . The company offered its films in twelve European countries, thus promoting itself. According to most Internet publications, the competition took place in Berlin, after the winner was presented at a ball in the Vienna Sofiensaal . The prize was the leading role in a Hollywood flick directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau . When the twelve-person jury could not decide between the ten candidates, Murnau was called in Hollywood. He decided that test recordings should be made of all candidates and sent to him that the winner would eventually play in his film. A few weeks later he chose Štefica Vidačić. However, the film project was never realized. As compensation, she received a fee of 100 US dollars per week for a year .

The first continuous competition was launched with the founding of the Comité pour l'election de Miss Europe in 1928 by the French journalist Maurice de Waleffe (1874-1946). He had previously founded the competition for Miss France . This Miss Europe competition took place for the first time in 1929. The candidates for the premiere were selected in their countries of origin with the participation of major newspapers or illustrated magazines: Bulgaria: Zora, Denmark: BT , Germany: 8 a.m.-Abendblatt , England and Ireland: Daily Mail , France: Le Journal (published by Waleffe) , Greece: Elefteron Vima, Holland: Het Leven, Italy: Novo Italia, Yugoslavia: Vrémé, Austria: Neues Wiener Tagblatt , Poland: Kurier Czerwony, Romania: Universul , (Exile-) Russia: La Russie illustrée (Иллюстрированная Россия), Switzerland : Le Genevois, Spain: ABC , Hungary: Színházi élet.

This competition took place mostly in France (or its possessions) and ended with the Second World War . Participation had already declined before that, as various states prohibited beauty competitions with authoritarian governments and also banned their citizens from participating in the Miss Europe election. For example, the last national contest before the war took place in Estonia in 1932, in Germany in 1933, in Spain in 1935 and in Poland in 1937. Fascist Italy was an exception .

Competitions after 1945

After the war and the death of de Waleffe, a new organization emerged in France: the Mondial Events Organization (MEO), which has carried out the competition ever since. The founders were Roger Zeiler and Claude Berr . Berr died in 1981, and in 2003 Roger Zeiler sold the license to Endemol , one of the largest TV production companies. The last MEO competition was in 2002.

The event locations and countries have changed since 1948. Elections were also held on the very edge of Europe and outside the continent, several times in Beirut (Lebanon), in 1968 in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, later Zaire), in 1969 in Rabat (Morocco) and in 1991 in Dakar (Senegal). The elections, which had been announced for Moscow in 2007 and Beirut in 2008 and 2009, did not take place. After that, nothing more was heard of this competition.

The title holders of the national licensees are qualified to participate. For Germany, the last (until 2006) was not the Miss Germany the Miss Germany Corporation - MGC , but the Miss Germany of MGO - Committee Miss Germany .

In 2016 this competition was "revived" by a Miss Europe Organization based in London, later Edinburgh. Apparently there is a connection to the previous organizer: Photos on the Internet show that the winner wore the same crown (tiara / diadem) as her three predecessors.

A competition of the same name is (apparently also by the organizer) only poorly documented. The winners were initially called Miss Europe (for 1963 and 1973 by the inscription on the winner's sashes), later (also) Miss Europe , Miss Europe International , around 1986/87 Queen of Europe . The associated organization ( Comité Officiel et International Miss Europe ) was founded in 1950 by Jean Raibaut in Paris. The seat was later moved to Marseille. The first competition took place in Palermo on September 30, 1951. In 1998 Raibaut commissioned the Tony Corrieri Management in Messina (Sicily) with the implementation of the events - initially for 5 years. In 2000 the Comité Officiel was sued by the competitor organizer MEO (see above) to no longer use the name Miss Europe . The competition was held for the last time in 2002.

The winners

Tatiana Maslowa, Miss Russia and Miss Europe 1933
Christel Schaack, Miss Germany and Miss Europe 1954–55
Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France and Miss Europe 2006

Miss Europe 1927-1938

Carried out in 1927 by the Fanamet , 1929–1938 by the Comité pour l'election de Miss Europe .

year date Surname country Place of choice Applications
1927 February 5th Štefica Vidačić Yugoslavia Kingdom 1918Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Vienna , AustriaAustriaAustria  10
1928 not carried out
1929 February 7th Böske Simon Hungary 1918Hungary Hungary Paris , FranceThird French RepublicThird French Republic  18th
1930 February 5th Alice Diplarakou Second Hellenic RepublicSecond Hellenic Republic Greece Paris , FranceThird French RepublicThird French Republic  19th
1931 February 5th Jeanne Juilla Third French RepublicThird French Republic France Paris , FranceThird French RepublicThird French Republic  16
1932 February 12th Aase Clausen DenmarkDenmark Denmark Nice , FranceThird French RepublicThird French Republic  15th
1933 May 27th Tatiana Maslowa A Russian Empire 1914Russian Empire Russia Madrid , SpainSpain Second RepublicSecond Spanish Republic  14th
1934 the 9th of September Ester Toivonen FinlandFinland Finland Hastings , UKUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom  16
1935 July 6th Alicia Navarro Spain Second RepublicSecond Spanish Republic Spain Torquay , UKUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom  15th
1936 30th of October Antonia Arques B Spain Second RepublicSecond Spanish Republic Spain Tunis , TunisiaThird French RepublicThird French Republic 15th
1937 October 24th Britta Wikström FinlandFinland Finland Constantine , AlgeriaThird French RepublicThird French Republic 10
1938 September 10 Sirkka saloons FinlandFinland Finland Copenhagen , DenmarkDenmarkDenmark  12
A.Tatiana Maslowa was a Russian exile in Paris; there were no general elections in the USSR .
B.Antonia Arques was a candidate for Miss Universe in 1935

Miss Europe from 1948

From 1948 carried out by the Mondial Events Organization (MEO) , 2003-2006 probably by Endemol . In 2016 the organizer was a Miss Europe Organization based in London.

year date Surname country Place of choice Applications
1948 6th of June Jacqueline Donny France 1946Fourth French Republic France Enghien-les-Bains , FranceFrance 1946Fourth French Republic  12
1949 17th of September Juliette Figueras France 1946Fourth French Republic France Palermo , ItalyItalyItaly  11
1950 the 9th of September [Johanna] Hanni Schall AustriaAustria Austria Rimini , ItalyItalyItaly  12
1951 not carried out
1952 August 19th Günseli Başar TurkeyTurkey Turkey Naples , ItalyItalyItaly  13
1953 the 9th of September Eloisa Cianni ItalyItaly Italy Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  13
1954 20th June Christel Schaack C. Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Vichy , FranceFrance 1946Fourth French Republic  13
Danièle Genault France 1946Fourth French Republic France
1955 June 11th Inga-Britt Söderberg FinlandFinland Finland Helsinki , FinlandFinlandFinland  13
1956 June 1st Margit Nünke Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Stockholm , SwedenSwedenSweden  13
1957 June 26th Corine Rottschäfer NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Baden-Baden , FR GermanyGermany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany  15th
1958 June 28th [Johanna] Hanni Ehrenstrasser AustriaAustria Austria Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  15th
1959 September 6th [Christine] Christl walks AustriaAustria Austria Palermo , ItalyItalyItaly  15th
1960 June 11th Anna Ranalli ItalyItaly Italy Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  17th
1961 6th of June Ingrun Helgard Möckel Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  17th
1962 2th of June Maruja García Nicoláu Spain 1945Spain Spain Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  17th
1963 June 7th Mette Stenstad NorwayNorway Norway Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  18th
1964 June 4th Elly Konie Koot NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  18th
1965 6th of June Juliane Herm Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Nice , FranceFranceFrance  18th
1966 30th May Maria Dornier FranceFrance France Nice , FranceFranceFrance  18th
1967 3rd of June Paquita Torres Pérez Spain 1945Spain Spain Nice , FranceFranceFrance  20th
1968 September 23rd Leena Marketta Brusiin FinlandFinland Finland Kinshasa , Democratic Republic of the CongoCongo Democratic Republic 1966Democratic Republic of Congo  21st
1969 17th of May Saša Zajc YugoslaviaYugoslavia Yugoslavia Rabat , MoroccoMoroccoMorocco  21st
1970 September 15th [Noella Afonso] Noelia Alfonso Cabrera Spain 1945Spain Spain Athens , GreeceGreece 1970Greece  20th
1971 September 19th Filiz Vural TurkeyTurkey Turkey Tunis , TunisiaTunisiaTunisia  21st
1972 June 21st Monika Sarp Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Estoril , PortugalPortugalPortugal  23
1973 23rd January 1974 D. [Anna Maria] Anke Groot NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Kitzbuhel , AustriaAustriaAustria  18th
1974 May 29th [Maria Isabel] Maribel Lorenzo Saavedra Spain 1945Spain Spain Vienna , AustriaAustriaAustria  19th
1975 canceled due to the civil war in Lebanon E (planned: Beirut , Lebanon ) LebanonLebanon 
1976 June 5th Riitta Inkeri Väisänen FinlandFinland Finland Rhodes , GreeceGreece 1975Greece  22nd
1977 not carried out F
1978 March, 15 Eva Maria Düringer AustriaAustria Austria Helsinki , FinlandFinlandFinland  15th
1979 not carried out G
1980 2nd March Karin Zorn AustriaAustria Austria Puerto de la Cruz , SpainSpain 1977Spain  20th
1981 June 9th Anne Mette Larsen DenmarkDenmark Denmark Birmingham , UKUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom  21st
1982 June 11th Nazlı Deniz Kuruoğlu TurkeyTurkey Turkey Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  23
1983 not carried out H
1984 February 17th Neşe Erberk TurkeyTurkey Turkey Bad Gastein , AustriaAustriaAustria  25th
1985 25. May Juncal Rivero Fadrique SpainSpain Spain Mainz , FR GermanyGermany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany  23
1986-87 not carried out I J
1988 May 7th Michela Rocco di Torrepadula ItalyItaly Italy Ragusa , ItalyItalyItaly  23
1989-90 not held because of the Gulf War K
1991 June 29th Susanne Petry L GermanyGermany Germany Dakar , SenegalSenegalSenegal  27
Katerina Michalopoulou GreeceGreece Greece
1992 15th June Marina Tsintikidou GreeceGreece Greece Athens , GreeceGreeceGreece  32
1993 July 12 Arzum Onan TurkeyTurkey Turkey Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  31
1994 30. September Lilach Ben-Simon IsraelIsrael Israel Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  33
1995 23rd October Monika Žídková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic Istanbul , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  36
1996 September 28th Marie-Claire Harrison United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Tirana , AlbaniaAlbaniaAlbania  35
1997 September 6th Isabelle Darras GreeceGreece Greece Kiev , UkraineUkraineUkraine  29
1998 not carried out M
1999 25th June Elena Rogozhina RussiaRussia Russia Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  39
2000 not carried out N
2001 December 29th Élodie Gossuin FranceFrance France Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  33
2002 December 28th Svetlana Koroljowa RussiaRussia Russia Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon  35
2003 12th September Zsuzsanna Laky HungaryHungary Hungary Nogent-sur-Marne ( Eurodisney ), FranceFranceFrance  36
2004 not carried out
2005 March 12th Shermine Shahrivar GermanyGermany Germany Paris , FranceFranceFrance  36
2006 October 27 Alexandra Rosenfeld FranceFrance France Kiev , UkraineUkraineUkraine  33
2007-15 not carried out
2016 March 12th Diana Starkova FranceFrance France Beirut , LebanonLebanonLebanon 
2017 May 13th Diana Kubasova LatviaLatvia Latvia Seoul , South KoreaKorea SouthSouth Korea 
2018 November 10th Anna Shornikova O UkraineUkraine Ukraine Paris , Eiffel Tower , FranceFranceFrance 
Anastasiya Ammosova O RussiaRussia Russia
2019 17th of May Andrea de las Heras SpainSpain Spain Cannes , Hotel Martinez, FranceFranceFrance 
C.Christel Schaack was disqualified because she was widowed. At the time, however, this did not contradict the provisions for her election to Miss Germany . Second-placed Danièle Genault from France took her place as Miss Europe. Since no one could be accused of fraudulent intent, the jury awarded Christel Schaack the unofficial title of "Honorary Miss Europe".
D. The event for 1973 was postponed twice, should take place first in Germany, then in Turkey, and was only held on January 23, 1974.
E.The winner from May 1974 was therefore subsequently dubbed Miss Europe 1974/75 .
F.The winner from March 1978 was therefore dubbed Miss Europe 1977/78 .
GThe March 1980 winner was therefore dubbed Miss Europe 1979/80 .
HThe February 1984 winner was therefore dubbed Miss Europe 1983/84 .
I.The winner from May 1985 was therefore subsequently dubbed Miss Europe 1985/86 .
JThe winner from May 1988 was therefore dubbed Miss Europe 1987/88 .
KThe June 1991 winner was therefore dubbed Miss Europe 1990/91 .
L.Susanne Petry was later disqualified for an unknown reason. She was replaced by the second-placed Katerina Michalopoulou from Greece.
M.The September 1997 winner was therefore subsequently dubbed Miss Europe 1997/98 .
NThe June 1999 winner was therefore subsequently dubbed Miss Europe 1999/2000 .
OThere were two winners in 2018 !

Miss Europe, Miss Europe, Miss Europe International

From 1951 carried out by the Comité Officiel et International Miss Europe .

year date Surname country Place of choice Applications
1951 30. September Jacqueline Genton X SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Palermo , ItalyItalyItaly  07th
1952 September 22 Judy Breen United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Amsterdam , NetherlandsNetherlandsNetherlands  10
1953 Sylviane Carpentier France 1946Fourth French Republic France
1957 July Ingrid Weiss (Ingrid Neiss) Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Paris , FranceFrance 1946Fourth French Republic 
1958 Evelyne Ricket FranceFrance France Amiens , FranceFranceFrance  08th
1959 3rd of June Sophie d'Estrade FranceFrance France Meaux , FranceFranceFrance 
1967 Berrit Kvorning DenmarkDenmark Denmark
1968 Regina Koeppen Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany
1970 Maria Korner (grains?) Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany Nice , FranceFranceFrance 
1971 September 2nd Laurence Vallée FranceFrance France Florence , ItalyItalyItaly 
1972 Ingeborg Sørensen NorwayNorway Norway
1973 June 24th Diana Scapolan ItalyItaly Italy Barcelona , SpainSpain 1945Spain  16
1974 26th of April Wencke standing NorwayNorway Norway Santa Cruz de Tenerife , SpainSpain 1945Spain  19th
1975 May Vivianne Van Der Cauter BelgiumBelgium Belgium MonacoMonaco Monaco 19th
1976 May Maria Teresa Maldonado Valle Spain 1945Spain Spain AndorraAndorra Andorra 21st
1978 September 11 Barbara Meefs NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Reggio nell'Emilia , ItalyItalyItaly  22nd
1982 February Athens , GreeceGreeceGreece 
1984 December 14th Trine Mørk NorwayNorway Norway Vienna , AustriaAustriaAustria  19th
1985 not carried out
1986 February 28 Rachel Brun Y SwedenSweden Sweden Valletta , MaltaMaltaMalta  24
1987 May 27th Frankfurt am Main , FR GermanyGermany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany  16
1992 September 27th Yolanda Marcos Gonzales SpainSpain Spain Catania , ItalyItalyItaly  12
1996 4th of October Mimmi Gunnarsson Z SwedenSweden Sweden Izmir , TurkeyTurkeyTurkey  30th
Jenni Rautawaara FinlandFinland Finland
1998 Nataša Spasojević Yugoslavia Federal Republic 1992Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
1999 September 8th Anna Maria Tudorache RomaniaRomania Romania Taormina , ItalyItalyItaly  34
2000 not carried out
2001 called off (planned: Taormina , Italy ) ItalyItaly 
2002 May 19th Amandine Hatzithomas GreeceGreece Greece Warsaw , PolandPolandPoland  48 from 31 countries
XJacqueline Genton is often wrongly assigned to the MEO competition. But in 1951 it did not hold an event.
YRachel Brun's title was later renamed Queen of Europe . Anja Hörnich also received this in the following year . However, this was a new competition with another organizer, see there .
Z Mimmi Gunnarsson resigned, Jenni Rautawaara in second place moved up.

Competitions with similar names

  • Miss Europe World
  • Miss Europe Continental
  • Miss European
  • Miss European Union
  • Queen of Europe
  • Miss Regina d'Europa: The competition took place from 2002 to 2005. The organization was based in Italy. Although the event has been described as an international competition , it seems that mostly Italian candidates have participated. There has been no evidence of an event since 2006, and the website of the former organizers (at the latest) has been otherwise occupied since the turn of the year 2007/08.

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