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Szilvia Freire, Miss World Hungary 2008
Krisztina Bodri, Miss World Hungary 2007

Miss Hungary is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Hungary that has been held since the 1920s under the names Miss Hungária and Miss Magyarország . (The term Miss Danube was also used for winners - at least abroad).

Of the early winners, Böske Simon was second Miss Europe in 1929 , and Maria von Tasnady worked as an actress in Austrian and German films.

After a long hiatus from World War II and the rule of communism , the event was revived in the 1980s. Since then, the English name Miss Hungary has been in use alongside the Hungarian Magyarország Szépe .

In 1992 the Miss Universe Hungary competition (and a corresponding organization) was launched. In 1996 there was an independent competition for Miss World Hungary . The winners also run for Miss Universe and Miss World .

The winners

Miss Hungária before World War II

year Miss Hungaria
1929 ["Böske"] Erzsébet Simon
1930 Mária Pope
1931 Maria of Tasnady [Maria Tasnády-Fekete]
1932 Ica Lampel
1933 Julie Gal [Júlia Gál]
1934 Renée Gosztony
1935 Eva Feher / Maria Nagy (Miss Danube)
1936 Sari Gábor
1937 ?
1938 Anna Zalain
1939ff. ? (not carried out?)

Miss Hungary (Magyarország Szépe)

year Miss Hungary
1985 Csilla Andrea Molnar
1986-88 not carried out
1989 Magdolna Gerlóczy
1990 Kinga Czuczor
1991 Antónia Bálint / Orsolya Michina
1992 Bernadett Papp
1993 not carried out
1994 Tímea Farkas
1995 Ildikó Veinberger
1996 Nikita Gross
1997 not carried out
1998 Leila Sas
1999 Jázmin Dammak
2000 Melinda Erdélyi
2001 Szabina Stedra
2002 Szilvia Tóth
2003 Edina Balogh
2004 Nóra Nagy
2005 Noémi Oláh
2006 Kitti Szabó
2007 Katalin Koller
2008 Ildikó Polgár
2009 Anett Maximovits
2010 Thóra Gregori

Miss Universe Hungary

year Miss Universe Hungary
1992 Thóra Patkó
1993 Zsanna Pardy
1994 Szilvia Fórián
1995 Andrea Harsanyi
1996 Andrea Deák
1997 Ildikó Kecan
1998 Ágnes Nagy
1999 Anett Garami
2000 Isabella Kiss
2001 Ágnes Helbert
2002 Edit Friedl
2003 Viktória Tomozi
2004 Blanka Bakos
2005 Szandra Proksa
2006 Adrienn Bende
2007 Ildikó Bóna
2008 Jázmin Dammak
2009 Zsuzsa Budai
2010 Tímea Babinyecz

Miss World Hungary

year Miss World Hungary
1996 Andrea Deák
1997 Beáta Petes
1998 Éva Horváth
1999 Erika Dankai
2000 Judit Kutcha
2001 Zsóka Kapócs
2002 Renáta Rozs
2003 Eszter Tóth
2004 Veronika Orbán
2005 Do semmi-kis
2006 Renáta Tóth
2007 Krisztina Bodri
2008 Szilvia Freire
2009 Orsolya Serdult
2010 [Ági] Agnes Dobó


About the spelling of the names: In Hungarian it is customary to put the family name in front, for example Deák Andrea. In the above lists, however, the order usual in Europe was followed.

  1. Eva Feher participated in the Miss Europe in Torquay, Maria Nagy in the Miss Universe in Brussels.
  2. According to her own statements, it was the future actress Zsa Zsa Gabor , who was disqualified because she was not yet 16 years old. Her mother Jolie (née Janka Tilleman) also claimed to have won the title. She would then have been 40 years old and the mother of three teenage daughters - also a reason for disqualification! Maria Nagy took part in the Miss Europe in Tunis.
  3. Csilla Molnar committed suicide in 1986.
  4. Antónia Bálint was disqualified because of nude photos (together with the vice-miss, Timea Raba), whereby the third place - Orsolya Anna Michina - moved up. In July 1997 Antónia Bálint got her title back after a civil lawsuit against the organizer!

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