Miss Moldova

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Iana Varnacova, Miss Moldova 2008
Ina Codreanu, Miss Moldova 2007

Miss Moldova (Мисс Молдова) is an annual national beauty pageant for unmarried women in the Republic of Moldova . It is currently being organized by an organization that uses Russian as a lingua franca, although in the country the proportion of the population with a Russian mother tongue is only 13 percent.

The winners and other finalists take part in the elections for Miss World and Miss Europe .


year Miss Moldova
2006 Alexandra Demciuk
2007 Ina Codreanu
2008 Iana Varnacova

The previous holders of the title are not known (as of August 2008), instead only the participants in international competitions:

Miss World
2000 Mariana Moraru
2003 Yelena Danilchuk
2004 Marina Chivaciuc [Kivachuk]
2005 Irina Dolovova
2006 Alexandra Demchuk
Miss Europe
1999 Lilia Ciofu
2001 Yuliya Shavelyeva
2002 Elena Streapunina
2005 Irina Sili
2006 Yekaterina Vigovskaya
Miss International
2000 Elena Andrei (?) Ungureanu
2002 Mariana Moraru

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