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Miss Luxembourg is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg . At home he is called Miss Luxembourg . Candidates must have Luxembourg citizenship , be ready for social and humanitarian action, be between 18 and 26 years old, have a good repute , be single, have no children and no nude photos may exist.

The competition was held before the Second World War , for the first time in 1927. The winners then took part in the competition for Miss Europe . After the war, the event took place from 1957 to 1996, with at least one interruption from 1978 to 1984. During these times, Miss Luxembourg finalists also took part in the international elections for Miss World , Miss Universe , Miss Europe and Miss International . The last organizer was the Casino 2000 in Mondorf .

In 2008 the competition was revived by the communications agency Métaphore under the management of Muriel Gilbert and Boubaker Almi : The 2009 election is scheduled for December 6, 2008.

Another competition, sometimes using the same name, takes place in the neighboring Belgian province of Luxembourg . Its winners take part in the Miss Belgium election. The full name is Miss Belgique pour la Province de Luxembourg , also using the short forms Miss Belgique Province de Luxembourg and Miss Luxembourg .

The winners

Winners before 1945

year Miss Luxembourg
1927 Apollonia Kemp
1928 Anne Friedrich
1929 Ketty Hipp
1930 ?
1931ff. not carried out

Winners after 1945

Chris Scott Miss 1989
year Miss Luxembourg
1957 Josée Jaminet
1958 Lydie Schmitz
1959 Josée Pundel
1960 Liliane Mueller
1961 Vicky Schoos
1962 Brita Gerson or Fernande Kodesch
1963 Cathérine Paulus
1964 Gaby Heyard
1965 Marie-Anne Geisen
1966 Gigi Antinori
1967 Marie-Josée Mathgen
1968 Lucienne Krier
1969 Jacqueline Schaeffer
1970 Rita Massard
1971 Mariette Werckx
1972 Lydia Maes
1973 Giselle Anita Nicole Azzeri
1974 ?
1975 Marie Thérèse Mandigart
1976 Monique Wilmes
1977 Jeannette Henriette Colling
1978-1984 not carried out
1985 Gaby Chiarini
1986 Martine Christine Georgette pilot
1987 Claudine Atten
1988 Chantal Schanbacher
1989 Chris Scott
1990 Beata Jarzynska
1991 Annette Feydt
1992 Carole Reding
1993 Nathalie Dos Santos
1994 Sandy Wagner
1995 Paola Roberto
1996 Christiane Lorent
1997-2008 not carried out
2009 Diana Nilles
2010 Shari Thuyns
2011 Stephanie Ribeiro
2012 Claudia Vitoria Muller
2013 Héloïse Paulmier
2014 Frédérique Wolff
2015 Vonessa Aliyaj
2016 Ada Strock
2017 Julie Mejerus
2018 Kelly Nilles Cassandra Lopes Monteiro
2019 Melanie Heynsbroek

Winners in the Province of Luxembourg

year Miss Luxembourg Represented place
1996 Aurélie Demelenne Marche-en-Famenne
1997 Caroline Mathurin Houffalize
1998 Caroline Lepinois Vaux-sur-Sûre
1999 Virginie Steignard Tellin
2000 Nora Ouadah Habay-la-Neuve
2001 Aude van Massenhove Hotton
2002 Katia Jacquet La Roche-en-Ardenne
2003 Margaux Lebrun Marche-en-Famenne
2004 Anne-Sophie Dessoy Bellefontaine
2005 Elvira Latic Arlon
2006 Charlotte Goblet Marche-en-Famenne
2007 Celine Chariot Barvaux
2008 Betty Tahid Virton

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