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Miss Great Britain is a national beauty pageant in Great Britain that was first organized in the summer of 1945 under the name Bathing Beauty Queen by the council of the coastal town of Morecambe together with the newspaper Sunday Dispatch . It has had its current name since 1956.

In 1971 the competition was broadcast for the first time on regional television Yorkshire Television . The mode was changed for this: After the bathing suit parade, there was a round in day and evening clothes, and finally the coronation ceremony.

In the early 1990s the title was bought by the new Miss Great Britain organization . The winner has since participated in the Miss Tourism World election, the other finalists in the competitions for Model of the World , Miss Bikini , Miss Internet , Model of the Universe and Miss Millionaire . (These competitions are all run by one organization).

Miss United Kingdom is a competing competition . It has existed under this name since 1960. Its forerunner was briefly called Miss Great Britain. (Not to be confused with the competition of the same name mentioned above). The winners take part in the Miss World election. (Since 1999, however, the winners of the individual parts of England, Scotland, etc. separately).

Miss Universe Great Britain is used to determine the candidates for Miss Universe . The competition was originally called Miss Great Britain Universe when it was first held in 1952. In 2005 the title was renamed Miss United Kingdom Universe and soon afterwards - in 2008 - to Miss Universe UK and a year later to Miss Universe Great Britain . The competition represents the British overseas territories , crown holdings of the British crown , regions of England , administrative districts of Northern Ireland , unitary authorities in Scotland and unitary authorities in Wales .

When Miss Great Britain Universe was launched in 1952, 30 young women from the United Kingdom were running. But from 1953 to 1990 England, Scotland and Wales competed separately in the Miss Universe. From 1992 to 2000 the overall competition was revived. In the following years 2001 to 2004 no representative of the UK took part in the Miss Universe. From 2005, the competition was organized by the Welsh modeling agency Vibe Models after renaming .

The fourth major beauty pageant is for the Miss England title . The winners already took part in the Miss Europe election before the Second World War , and later also ran for Miss World and Miss Universe . In addition, they have also been participating in the Miss Great Britain and Miss United Kingdom regional winners since the 1950s , so that one can only speak of a competitive competition to a limited extent. The current host has been organizing this event since 1999.

The winners

Miss Great Britain

year Miss Great Britain
1945 Lydia Read
1946 June Rivers
1947 June Mitchell
1948 Pamela Bayliss
1949 Elaine Pryce
1950 Violet Pretty
1951 Marlene Dee
1952 Dorothy Dawn
1953 Brenda Mee
1954 Patricia Butler
1955 Jennifer Chimes
1956 Iris Waller
1957 Leila Williams
1958 Christine Mayo
1959 Valerie Martin
1960 Eileen Sheridan
1961 Libby Walker
1962 Joy Black
1963 Gillian Taylor
1964 Carole Redhead
1965 Diane Hickinbotham
1966 Carole Fletcher
1967 Jennifer Gurley
1968 Yvonne Ormes
1969 Wendy Anne George
1970 Kathleen Winstanley
1971 Carolyn Moore
1972 Elizabeth Robinson
1973 Gay spink
1974 Marilyn Ward
1975 Susan Cuff
1976 Dinah May
1977 Susan Hempel
1978 Patricia Morgan
1979 postponed due to a TV strike
1980 Sue Berger
1981 Michelle Hobson
1982 Tracey Dodd
1983 Rose McGrory
1984 Debbie Greenwood
1985 Jill Saxby
1986 Lesley Ann Musgrave
1987 Linzi Butler
1988 Gillian Bell
1989 Amanda Dyson
1990-95 not carried out
1996 Anita St Rose
1997 Liz Fuller
1998 Leilani Dowding
1999 Rennell Kilner
2000 Michelle Walker
2001 Michelle Evans
2002 Yana Booth
2003 Nicki Lane
2004 Emma Spellar
2005 not carried out
2006 Danielle Lloyd / Preeti Desai
2007 Rachael Tennent / Gemma Garrett
2008 not carried out
2009 Sophie Gradon
2010 Amy Carrier
2011 not carried out
2012 not carried out
2013 Ashley Powell

Miss United Kingdom

year Miss United Kingdom Represented
region / city
1958 Eileen Sheridan Walton-on-Thames
1959 Anne Thelwell Blackpool
1960 Hilda Fairclough Lancaster
1961 Rosemarie Frankland Wales
1962 Jackie White Alvaston
1963 Diane Westbury Derbyshire
1964 Ann Sidney Poole
1965 Lesley Langley Weymouth
1966 Jennifer Lowe Summers Manchester
1967 Jennifer Lynn Lewis England
1968 Kathleen Winstanley Wigan
1969 Sheena Drummond Scotland
1970 Yvonne Ormes England
1971 Marilyn Ward England
1972 Jennifer McAdam England
1973 Veronica Ann Cross England
1974 Helen Morgan Wales
1975 Vicki Harris London
1976 Carol Jean Grant Scotland
1977 Madeleine Stringer North Shields
1978 Elizabeth Ann Jones Wales
1979 Carolyn Ann Seaward England
1980 Kim Ashfield Wales
1981 Michele Donnelly Cardiff
1982 Della Frances Dolan England
1983 Sarah-Jane Hutt Wimborne
1984 Vivienne Rooke Weston-Super-Mare
1985 Mandy Adele Shires Bradford
1986 Alison Slack Sheffield
1987 Karen Mellor Derby
1988 Kirsty Roper Manchester
1989 Suzanne Younger Wales
1990 Helen Upton Birmingham
1991 Johanne Elizabeth Lewis Mansfield
1992 Claire Elizabeth Smith Chester
1993 Amanda Louise Johnson Nottingham
1994 Melanie Abdoun London
1995 Shauna Marie Gunn County Fermanagh
1996 Rachael Liza Warner Wales
1997 Vicki-Lee Walberg Blackpool
1998 Emmalene McLoughlin Manchester
1999 Nicola Willoughby England
2000 Michelle Watson Scotland
2001 Juliet-Jane Horne Scotland
2002 Gayle Williamson Northern Ireland
2003 Nicola Jolly Scotland
2004 Amy Guy Wales
2005 Lucy Evangelista Northern Ireland
2006 Nicola McLean Scotland
2007 Nieve Jennings Scotland
2008 Chloe-Beth Morgan Wales
2009 Katharine Brown Scotland (Dunblane)
2010 Nicola Mimnagh Scotland
2011 Alize Lily Mounter England
2012 Sophie Molds Wales
2013 Kirsty Heslewood England

Miss Universe Great Britain

year Miss Universe Great Britain Represented
region / city
1952 Aileen Chase London
1953-90 not carried out
1991 Helen Upton England
1992 Tiffany Stanford England
1993 Kathryn Middleton England
1994 Michaela Pyke Wales
1995 Sarah Jane Southwick London
1996 Anita Saint Rose London
1998 Leilani Anne Dowding Shetland
1999 Cherie Pisani Scotland
2000 Louise Lakin Manchester
2001-04 not carried out
2005 Brooke Johnston London
2006 Julie Doherty England
2008 Lisa Lazarus Llanelli
2009 Clair Cooper London
2010 Tara Hoyos-Martinez London
2011 Chloe-Beth Morgan Torfaen
2012 Holly Hale Llanelli
2013 Amy Willerton Bristol

Miss England

year Miss England Qualified as / in
1928 Nonni Shields
1929 Benny Dicks
1930 Marjorie Ross
1931 Bettie Mason
1932 Gwen Stallard
1933 Angela Ward
1934 June Lammas
1935 Muriel Oxford
1936 Laurence Atkins
1937 ?
1938 Doris Williams
1939 ?
1940-52 not carried out
1953 Marlene Dee
1954 ?
1955 Margaret Rowe
1956 Iris Waller
1957 Sonia Hamilton
1958 Dorothy Hazeldine
1959 Pamela Ann Searle
1960 Joan Ellinor Boardman
1961 Arlette Dobson
1962 Kim Carlton
1963 Susan Pratt
1964 Brenda Blacker
1965 Jennifer Gurley
1966 Janice Whiteman
1967 Jennifer Lynn Lewis
1968 Jennifer Summers
1969 Myra Van Heck
1970 Yvonne Ormes
1971 Marilyn Ward
1972 Jennifer McAdam
1973 Veronica Ann Cross
1974 Kathy Anders Miss Rochdale
1975 Vicki Harris Miss London
1976 Pauline Davies Miss Manchester
1977 Sarah Long Miss Bristol
1978 Beverley Isherwood Miss Manchester
1979 Carolyn Ann Seaward Miss Yelverton
1980 Julie Duckworth Miss Blackpool
1981 Joanna Longley Miss Manchester
1982 Della Frances Dolan Miss Grimsby
1983 Karen Lesley Moore Miss Southsea
1984 Louise Gray Miss Sheffield
1985 Helen Westlake Miss London
1986 Joanne Ruth Sedgley
1987 Yvette Dawn
1988 Tracey Williams
1989 Racquel Jory
1990 Carla Barrow
1991-98 not carried out
1999 Nicola Willoughby
2000 Michelle Walker Miss Liverpool
2001 Sally Kettle Miss Leicester
2002 Danielle Luan Miss Oxford
2003 Jackie Turner Miss London
2004 Danielle Lloyd Miss Liverpool
2005 Hammasa Kohistani Miss Maya
2006 Eleanor Glynn Miss Oxford
2007 Georgia Horsley Miss Norton
2008 Laura Coleman Miss Derby
2009 Rachel Christie Miss London (resigned)
Katrina Hodge Royal Tunbridge Wells
2010 Jessica Linley Miss Nottingham
2011 Alize Lily Mounter Miss London
2012 Charlotte Holmes Miss Devon
2013 Kirsty Heslewood Miss London


  1. Tracey Dodd later resigned. Vivienne Farnen, who came second, took her place.
  2. Danielle Lloyd, elected in February 2006, had to resign on November 2nd because she claimed in an interview that she had an affair with soccer player and judge Teddy Sheringham . She also posed against the rules of the Miss Britain agency in December Playboy . The second-placed Louise White took her place. However, the official website states Preeti Desai.
  3. Rachael Tennent later resigned. Second placed Gemma Garrett took her place.
  4. Charlotte Perkins, however, was selected to represent Great Britain at Miss Tourism World.
  5. 1999 to 2002 the winners from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ran separately for Miss World . The best placed of these four received the designation Miss United Kingdom and participated in the election for Miss International in the following year as a representative for Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

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