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Missis Austria is an annual national beauty contest in Austria . Women who do not meet the Miss Austria criteria can take part in it. This means that they can be married, have children and exceed the age limit of 26 years. The competition has been held by Miss Austria Corporation since 1995 . The winners can vote for Mrs. World .


year Missis Austria state
1995 Eva Zellhofer Vorarlberg
1996 Sabine Wild (former Sabine Knas) Salzburg
1997 Gerlinde Brunner (former Gerlinde Götzendorfer) Salzburg
1998 Petra Hochbein Salzburg
1999 Gerlinde Mock Styria
2000 Edith Hermes Upper Austria
2001 Bianca Fartek Vorarlberg
2002 Sylvia Culina Vorarlberg
2003 Katja Kronig-Gruber Carinthia
2004 Karin Wobak Carinthia
2005 Liliane Tomic Vorarlberg
2010 Isabella-Theresa Soprano Lower Austria

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