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Represented Portugal in the Miss World 2008 election: Andreia Rodrigues

Miss Portugal is an annual national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Portugal .

Portuguese women who took part in the Miss Universe competitions are known from the time before the Second World War : Marguerita Bastos Ferrier in Galveston (Texas) in 1927 and Fernanda Gonçalves in Rio de Janeiro in 1930 .

Candidates from the Iberian country take part in the elections for Miss World since 1959, Miss Universe and Miss Europe since 1960. So the local competition has existed at least since the late 1950s.

Today there are even two competitions and an associated organization each: Miss Portugal delegates its winners to Miss Universe and Miss Europe , Miss Lusitania on the other hand to Miss World and her Miss Lusitania Turismo to Miss Earth . ( Lusitania is the name of a Roman province that encompassed most of what is now Portugal as well as neighboring Spanish areas.)


Miss Portugal

year Miss Portugal
1959 Maria Teresa Motoa Cardoso
1960-61 not known
1962 Maria Jose Santos Trindade Defolloy
1963-69 not known
1970 Ana Maria Diozo Lucas
1971 Ana Paula de Almeida
1972 Iris Maria Rosario dos Santos
1973 Carla Barros
1974 Anna Paula da Silva Freitas
1975-81 not known
1982 Ana Maria Valdiz Wilson
1983 Cesaltina da Conceição Lopes da Silva
or Anabela Elisa Vissenjou Ananíades
1984 Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Jardim
1985-87 not known
1988 Helena Isabel da Cunha Laureano
1989 Maria Angélica Mira Rosado
1990 not known
1991 Carla Caldeira
1992 Maria Fernanda Silva
1993 Carla Marisa da Cruz
1994 Mónica Sofia Borges Pereira
1995 Adriana Iria
1996 Rita Carvalho
1997 Lara Antunes
1998 Icília Silva Berenguel
1999 Marisa Ferreira
2000-01 Telma Santos
2002 Iva Catarina da Silva Lamarão
2003 ?
2004 Marina Raquel Rodrigues

Not held since 2005.

Miss Lusitania

Miss Lusitania
2005 Angela Maria Fonseca Spinola
2006 Sara Leite

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