Space 2063

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Television series
German title Space 2063
Original title Space: Above and Beyond
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1995-1996
length 42 minutes
Episodes Pilot + 22 in 1 season ( list )
genre Drama , science fiction
idea Glen Morgan ,
James Wong
music Shirley Walker
First broadcast September 24, 1995 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
February 25, 1996 on VOX

Space 2063 (Original title: Space: Above and Beyond ) is a US-American military science fiction - television series by Glen Morgan and James Wong from the year 1995 . Space 2063 was supposed to combine science fiction and war drama. It was discontinued after a season of 22 episodes. In Germany, the series was broadcast in 1996 by VOX , and later by ProSieben .


Humanity lives in peace and sets out to explore and colonize strange planets. But beneath the surface of the brave new world is the same corruption as it was in the 20th century.

Aero-Tech, the company that runs the settlement, is ignoring warnings from locals not to settle on their sacred planet. War inevitably comes. The series starts here. Five young people who join the US Marine Corps for various reasons are welded together to form a troop who go into battle on the intergalactic aircraft carrier Saratoga under a veteran Lieutenant Colonel against the aliens, the so-called Chigs .

But not only the chigs are the enemies of mankind, but also the silicants . In the beginning, these androids were work machines. But its developer created a computer virus that caused the silicants to rebel. Years of war broke out on earth with the artificial intelligences . The tanks were bred as weapons against the silicants . These are test tube people who are bred in vitro and kept in factories until they are 18 years old. The humans finally triumphed over the silicants in the war; those who remained fled in stolen spaceships. The war was won for the people and civilization was able to recover. But the tanks often still have problems to struggle with, because many people are racist towards the tanks .


The war against the Chigs (2063–)

This war is the main storyline, eponymous and omnipresent in the show. It begins in episode 1 with the alien attack on the newly established colonies Vesta and Tellus. There are backgrounds about the Chigs every now and then. The viewer only learns the motives of the aliens in episodes 21 and 22.

Nathan West and Kylen Celina

The two were lovers and wanted to start a family in the colonies. However, an urgent resolution decided that In-Vitros must also be among the colonists. After Nathan's failed attempt to get to the colonies as a stowaway in the colonists' spaceship, Kylen flies alone. Nathan volunteers with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in the hope that his unit will be deployed to protect the colony. The hope that his lover will survive the attack on the colony and find herself somewhere in the vastness of space as a prisoner of the Chigs accompanies the protagonist and his comrades to the end.

The In-Vitros

Due to the heavy loss of human life suffered during the Silicate Wars, they were forced to produce more people in addition to the normally conceived children. Egg and sperm cells that were genetically manipulated or at least selected according to the desired properties were fertilized in vitro; the fetus then matured in suitable tanks. Because of the human material urgently needed for the war, the fetal growth period was accelerated. After a few years in the tank, In-Vitros are born at an age that roughly corresponds to the age of 18 for a normal adult. Just like the silicants originally, there is also segregation and racism in society in relation to tanks. With Cooper Hawkes and Colonel TC McQueen, there are two In-Vitros in the group.

The silicants

AI, artificial intelligence or silicants are machines built by humans. They are androids and are designed to do the jobs humans are unwilling to do. The scientist, who was largely responsible for intelligence, was a bit stubborn and programmed the servants their own will. Out of jealousy of his colleague, who earned the fame, he added the following sentence to the original programming: "Take a risk." So the artificial intelligences rose against their makers and the silicon wars broke out. This also explains their gambling tendency. In the war against the Chigs, many of them hire out as mercenaries against the humans. But some are integrated into human society with the human rights granted to them. The silicants have a special meaning for Shane Vansen, since her parents were killed by silicants in front of her when she was five years old.

Aero-Tech and the UN

The all-powerful and ubiquitous Aero-Tech Corporation is the ultimate global aerospace company. Founded in 2015, the company has a quasi-monopoly and is very closely linked to politics. In the course of the series it also becomes clear that they started the war against the Chigs out of greed for power and profit. The UN has changed a lot and has far more influence than it does today. It has become a world government, although the various countries still have a lot of power.

Nathan West and Neil West

This is a minor, minor storyline that will be discussed in episodes 2, 15, and 16. Neil West is Nathan's younger brother and also volunteers for the armed forces.

Production history

In 1994 the broadcaster FOX approached Glen Morgan and James Wong to develop a Top Gun- style space series in space. Both were writers on the first season of the X-Files . In order to live up to the broadcaster's Top Gun claim, the focus was on young actors. A pilot film was shot in the spring of 1995 . According to the pilot episode, those responsible for the station ordered twelve more episodes for a series. A total of 22 more episodes were shot.

Episode list

number German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
01 In the lion's den The Farthest Man from Home Oct. 1, 1995 3rd Mar 1996 David Nutter Glen Morgan & James Wong
02 Heads or tails The Dark Side of the Sun Oct 8, 1995 10 Mar 1996 Charles Martin Smith Glen Morgan & James Wong
03 mutiny Mutiny Oct 15, 1995 17th Mar 1996 Stephen Cragg Stephen Zito
04 The black hole Ray Butts Oct 22, 1995 24 Mar 1996 Charles Martin Smith Glen Morgan & James Wong
05 Witch hunt Eyes Nov 5, 1995 31 Mar 1996 Félix Enríquez Alcalá Glen Morgan & James Wong
06 The invisible enemy The enemy Nov 12, 1995 Apr 7, 1996 Michael Katleman Marilyn Osborn
07 The Trojan horse Hostile Visit Nov 19, 1995 Apr 14, 1996 Thomas J. Wright Peyton Webb
08 torture Choice or Chance Nov 26, 1995 Apr 21, 1996 Félix Enríquez Alcalá Doc Johnson
09 Remember the dead Stay with the Dead Dec 3, 1995 Apr 28, 1996 Thomas J. Wright Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer
10 Hitchhiking through space The River of Stars Dec 17, 1995 May 5, 1996 Tucker Gates Marilyn Osborn
11 Who is watching the birds? Who Monitors the Birds? Jan. 7, 1996 May 12, 1996 Winrich Kolbe Glen Morgan & James Wong
12 Visions of death Level of Necessity Jan. 14, 1996 May 19, 1996 Thomas J. Wright Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer
13 Goodbye forever Never no more Feb. 4, 1996 May 26, 1996 Jim Charleston Glen Morgan & James Wong
14th eye to eye The Angriest Angel Feb 11, 1996 Jun 2, 1996 Henri Safran Glen Morgan & James Wong
15th The little brother Toy soldiers Feb. 18, 1996 Jun 9, 1996 Steve Posey Marilyn Osborn
16 Field post Dear Earth 3rd Mar 1996 Jun 16, 1996 Winrich Kolbe Richard Whitley
17th A tank called Pearly Pearly 24 Mar 1996 Aug 18, 1996 Charles Martin Smith Richard Whitley
18th Bacchus R&R Apr 12, 1996 Aug 25, 1996 Thomas J. Wright Jule Selbo
19th Dead Man Flying Stardust Apr 19, 1996 Sep 1 1996 Jesús Salvador Treviño D. Howard Grigsby
20th The forgotten Sugar Dirt Apr 20, 1996 8 Sep 1996 Thomas J. Wright Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer
21st Encounter of the third kind And If They Lay Us Down to Rest ... May 26, 1996 Sep 15 1996 Vern Gillum Glen Morgan & James Wong
22nd Always faithful … Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best Jun 2, 1996 22 Sep 1996 Thomas J. Wright Glen Morgan & James Wong


The German synchronization comes from the synchronous company Interopa film for a dialogue book of Mark Engelhardt , responsible for dialogue director was Dietmar miracle .

role Actress German dubbing voice
Capt. Shane Vansen Kristen Cloke Maud Ackermann
Lt. Cooper Hawkes Rodney Rowland Nicolas Boell
Lt. Nathan West Morgan Weisser Frank Schaff
Lt. Paul Wang Joel de la Fuente David Nathan
Lt. Vanessa Damphousse Lanei Chapman Dennenesch Zoudé
Lt. Col. Tire Cassius McQueen James Morrison Bodo Wolf
Commodore Ross Tucker Smallwood Thomas Wolff


The effect forge Area51 was responsible for the trick technology. The company was founded by Ken Stranahan and Tim McHugh. As digital animation supervisor and visual effects producer , you were jointly responsible for the ambience and the speed of the action in the series. Her colleague Glenn Campbell was visual effects supervisor and supervised the shooting with the actors in order to be able to combine the filmed material with the CGI effects better later . Blue screen was only used in scenes if there were actors in them (for example cockpit shots). All pure spaceship scenes are CGI . The spaceships were created by Area51 in collaboration with Bernard Hides, the production designer. For example, the team created the USS Saratoga (some details of the spaceships were also created by animation artists Scott Wheeler and Karl Denham). 150 CGIs were created in the first three episodes.

Awards and nominations

The series was nominated for an Emmy in 1996 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series and Outstanding Special Visual Effects. Also as Best Genre Television Series at the Saturn Awards . But she won none. Only at the Universe Reader's Choice Award did the series win in the categories Best Actress in a Genre TV Series (Kristen Cloke), Best Direction for a Genre TV Series (David Nutter for the pilot film) and Best Writing for a Genre TV Series (Glen Morgan and James Wong).

Publication on DVD

The pilot film and the series were released in Germany on December 5, 2011 separately on DVD . The audio track is available in English and German.


R. Lee Ermey plays the drill instructor for the training of the future Marines . Ermey had become known for an almost identical role in Stanley Kubrick's war film Full Metal Jacket .

Five comic booklets for the series have been published in the USA, three of which retell the story of the pilot film and two booklets contain an additional story. In Germany these were published as two volumes by Feest Comics by Ehapa Verlag . To the pilot film (1996) and the independent story The Challenge (1997).

Peter Telep wrote two novels for the series. The first was published in Germany in 1996 under the title Space: Above and Beyond - Inferno im All by vgs . This was followed in 1997 by Space: Above and Beyond - Winter of Destruction , also on vgs.

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