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Sports school of the Bundeswehr
- SportSBw -

Today's association badge of the Bundeswehr sports school, in the current design.  Branches of oil and oak surround an upright sword like a wreath

internal association badge
Lineup Feb 5, 1957
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Armed forces Bundeswehr Kreuz.svg armed forces
Organizational area Bundeswehr Kreuz.svg Force Base
Insinuation COA SKA.svg Armed Forces Office
Location DE Warendorf COA.svg Warendorf
Awards Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg Flag of
North Rhine-Westphalia (1998)
Web presence SportSBw
Colonel Michael Maul
Detailed sketch of a first draft of the association badge of the sports school of the Bundeswehr of Sergeant Josef Fröhlich from 1957

The sports school of the Bundeswehr (SportSBw) in Warendorf is an office of the armed forces base . Its core mission is to train sports instructors for the Bundeswehr .



The school was preceded by the Army Sports School in Wünsdorf near Berlin (founded in 1914), the Marines Sports School in Flensburg - Mürwik (founded in 1924) and the Air Force Sports School in Berlin-Spandau (founded in the 1930s). The schools in question were heavily involved in the 1928 Summer Olympics and 1936 Summer Olympics . The marine sports school still exists today and is part of the Mürwik naval school .

Founding of the Bundeswehr sports school

The Bundeswehr sports school was opened on February 5, 1957 in Sonthofen im Allgäu and was located there until it was moved to its current location in Warendorf , Westphalia, in 1978 . Since the foundation stone was laid by then Defense Minister Georg Leber on November 15, 1974, the Bundeswehr's “new” sports school has been built on the site of the former military district riding and driving school . After four years of construction, the first course could be held in one of the most modern and largest interconnected sports facilities in Germany. On July 6, 2017, the property in Warendorf was named after the laying of the foundation stone in Georg-Leber-Kaserne . A branch of the sports school has remained in Sonthofen to this day.

Order and offer

The current range of training includes 38 different courses in which up to 3000 officers and NCOs take part each year . The offer ranges from courses for instructors , recognized by the German Olympic Sports Confederation , to courses for professional sport instructors in sports such as football, handball, swimming and lifeguarding, alpine skiing and many more.

On an area of ​​40 hectares are u. a. a football and athletics stadium with floodlights for 8,000 spectators, two swimming pools with seating for up to 600 spectators, an athletics hall and many other halls, sports fields and playing fields.

In addition to the course-related training for sports instructors in the Bundeswehr, the contract also includes the organization of military world championships and the support of local sports clubs. Due to this contract, the infrastructure of the sports school is available to the clubs from Warendorf on a daily basis.

On the site of the Bundeswehr Sports School are also a sports promotion group of the Bundeswehr , the Sports Medicine Institute of the Bundeswehr , which the Medical Office of the Bundeswehr is assumed and the Olympic Training Center in Westphalia .


  • 1956–1958: Colonel Helmut Ballhorn
  • 1958–1961: Lieutenant Colonel Walter Gruber
  • 1961–1967: Lieutenant Colonel Paul Söllner
  • 1967–1979: Colonel Willi Rieke
  • 1979–1982: Colonel Ernst-Otto Engelhardt
  • 1982–1990: Colonel Adolf Rathgeber
  • 1990–1996: Colonel Klaus Kuhn
  • 1996–2000: Colonel Hans-Robert Gareißen
  • 2000-2004: Colonel Jörg Udo Keck
  • 2004–2008: Colonel Reinhard Lerch
  • 2008–2010: Colonel Michael Teckentrup
  • 2010–2011: Colonel Michael Rondé
  • 2011–2015: Colonel Bernd Grygiel
  • since December 2015: Colonel Michael Maul

World championships

The regularly held world championships of the International Military Sports Association ( CISM ) take place in different sports.

Overview of the military world championships (CISM) carried out

  • 1960 - 14th military world championship swimming, water polo and jumping (in Sonthofen )
  • 1966 - 3rd military world championship in modern pentathlon
  • 1974 - 10th military world championship in modern pentathlon
  • 1977 - 12th military world championship in modern pentathlon
  • 1978 - 21st military world championship in fencing
  • 1981 - 16th military world championship in modern pentathlon
  • 1982 - 26th military world championship swimming, water polo and jumping
  • 1985 - 28th military world championship swimming, water polo and jumping
  • 1987 - 33rd Military World Championships in Athletics
  • 1988 - 17th military world championship in judo
  • 1989 - 28th military world championship in fencing
  • 1991 - 23rd military world championship in modern pentathlon
  • 1992 - 18th military world championship in volleyball
  • 1997 - 10th military world championship in handball
  • 1998 - 44th military world championship in boxing
  • 2000 - 8th military world championship in hockey
  • 2001 - 33rd World Military Championship in Modern Pentathlon
  • 2004 - 16th World Taekwondo Championship
  • 2005 - 41st World Military Championship, soccer
  • 2006 - 50th military world championship boxing, 15-25. September 2006
  • 2008 - 29th Military World Championship Volleyball 20.-29. June 2008
  • 2010 - 44th Military World Championship in Swimming and Lifeguarding 24. – 28. August 2010

Overview of the European Military Championships (CISM) held

Overview of the world championships held


  • 50 Years of the Sports School of the Bundeswehr - Series Sports in the Bundeswehr (publisher: Sportschule der Bundeswehr), Warendorf 2007.

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