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Stadthalle Bremen
Sponsor logo of the Bremen City Hall
Sponsor logo of the Bremen City Hall
South side of the town hall (2012)
South side of the town hall (2012)
Earlier names
  • Bremen Arena (2009-2011)
Sponsor name (s)
  • AWD Dome (2005–2009)
  • ÖVB-Arena (since 2011)
place Findorffstraße 101 28215 Bremen - Findorff , Germany
Coordinates 53 ° 5 '12.5 "  N , 8 ° 49' 0.4"  E Coordinates: 53 ° 5 '12.5 "  N , 8 ° 49' 0.4"  E
owner City of Bremen / sponsor of the hall: WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH , Bremen
operator WFB Economic Development Corporation Bremen GmbH, Bremen
start of building 1961
opening October 31, 1964
Extensions 2004/05
surface Concrete
costs 27 million DM (1964)
architect Roland Rainer (1964)
capacity 14,000 seats (maximum)
The original building of the Bremen City Hall from 1964, on the left the Congress Centrum Bremen, inaugurated in 1993 (2001)
The Bremen City Hall expanded in 2004/05 with the changed roof structure and the new east foyer, on the left the Congress Centrum Bremen (2009)
Large hall of the Bremen town hall with interior seating (2010)
Interior of the town hall at the Bremen six-day race 2014

The Stadthalle Bremen (official name since 2011: ÖVB-Arena ) is a multi-purpose hall in the Bremen district of Findorff . It is located on the Bürgerweide north of Bremen Central Station  /  Willy-Brandt-Platz . The sponsor of the hall built in 1964 by the city is the Bremen Economic Development Corporation (WFB) of the state.


Original building of the town hall from 1964

A first draft for a town hall by the architect Carl Rotermund from 1928 was not realized after the Second World War - as it was no longer up to date. In a two-stage competition in 1957, the design by the Viennese architect Roland Rainer was victorious over a more organic-style design by Hans Scharoun . The building was erected on the Bürgerweide as the Bremen city hall from 1961 to 1964 according to the plans of Roland Rainer in a joint venture with the Bremen architects Säum  & Hafemann . The roof was then designed with a suspension rope construction, which was a seldom encountered, formative structure . The inauguration took place on October 31, 1964. The cost of the hall was DM 27 million .

The building was awarded the BDA price in 1974 with u. a. the jury's reasoning: “The bold construction has merged with the expressive architectural design. The result is a building that is very memorable. "

Adjacent follow-up buildings

In addition to the town hall, a congress center , the so-called Congress Centrum Bremen (CCB) , was built from 1989 to 1992 according to plans by the Bremen architect Thomas Klumpp and opened in 1993. The CCB contains several conference rooms, some of which can also be used as trade fair and exhibition halls ("Halls 2 and 3"), and is structurally connected to the town hall ("Hall 1").

As part of the creation of an exhibition center in Bremen, the opening of the hall complex of “Halls 4, 4.1, 5 and 6” according to plans by the Bremen architect Gert Schulze followed in May 1997 after a year of construction . The hall complex, which is arranged in continuation of the town hall and the congress center along the northern Bürgerweide, includes not only the trade fair and exhibition halls, but also an intermediate car park as well as offices and catering areas. Together with the City Hall of Bremen and the Bremen Congress Center so was the Bremen Exhibition Center , which is used both for trade fairs and exhibitions and for events, partly involving the front of it open spaces on the Bürgerweide.

2001/2002 was on the western part of the Bürgerweide along the Findorffstraße the addition Hall 7 built.

Extended town hall from 2005 and criticism

From 2004 to 2005, the Bremen City Hall was partially rebuilt, structurally expanded and modernized for 50 million euros, in particular adding several thousand seats and the east foyer. It now offers a maximum of 14,000 seats with no seats inside.

The renovation of the town hall is architecturally controversial and met with criticism from the public and experts: The rare supporting structure of the roof in the form of a suspension rope construction was removed in the course of the renovation. Only the distinctive pillars of the supporting structure, which are also an important landmark of Bremen, have been preserved. However, the pillars lost their actual function as an abutment for the suspension ropes and are now only a kind of dummy .

Due to the drastic changes in the hall's appearance and statics, Roland Rainer refused to mention his name as the hall's architect.

Usage offer

After the expansion, the Bremen town hall currently (2014) u. a .:

  • Six tiers with a total of around 8,000 permanent seats (all rows of seats rise and the seating is staggered).
  • Variable interior seating with up to 2,500 seats.
  • Maximum capacity: 14,000 spectators (interior without seats).
  • Seven individually usable boxes in different sizes.
  • Large, glazed foyer on two levels.
  • Cloakrooms in the north and south foyer.
  • Around 2,500 parking spaces on the Bürgerweide and around 350 parking spaces in the multi-storey car park next to the CCB .
  • The town hall is barrier-free.


The Bremen city hall is mainly used for concerts, trade fairs such as the Bremen Classic Motorshow , folk festivals and sporting events, including the Bremen six-day race , Apassionata , the 2006 table tennis world championship , preliminary round games of the 2007 men's handball world championship , the WWE WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2007 and the quarter finals in Davis Cup against Spain in 2008 and the DHB Supercup in 2013 . In addition, the Lotto Masters for the Sparkasse Bremen Cup take place every year. a. DFB President Reinhard Grindel on site. In November 2014 the 22nd Karate World Championship took place in the multi-purpose hall. From 1965 the town hall was the venue for the Bremen Equestrian Festival (later: German Classics and Euroclassics Horse Festival ). The event had to be discontinued in 2013 for economic reasons. The military music festival Musikschau der Nations has been taking place in the Bremen Hall since 1965 . Also bet that ..? , Holiday on Ice , Cirque du Soleil and the Bundesvision Song Contest 2015 have already made guest appearances here.

Naming and criticism

For around forty years from 1964 until 2004, the building was officially called the Bremen City Hall .

Parallel to the renovation and expansion of the carrier named 2004/05, the WFB Bremen Economic Development , in January 2005, the Stadthalle Bremen in AWD Dome has to offer. From 2005 to 2009 it bore this name, named after the then financial services company Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst (AWD) (now incorporated into Swiss Life Select Germany ), which acquired the naming rights for this period. The renaming of the town hall in AWD-Dome was controversial in Bremen. Criticism was expressed that at all events taking place in the building, advertising for the eponymous company AWD was inevitably made at the same time . Critics also criticized the incorrect designation as “Dome” ( cupola ). In May 2009 it was announced that AWD will withdraw as a name sponsor at the end of 2009.

Since no new sponsor was found directly after the expiring contract with the AWD, the WFB referred to the venue as the Bremen Arena since January 1, 2010 . The renewed renaming was viewed just as critically by the public and the media as the designation as the AWD Dome .

In August 2011 it became known that the WFB had found a new sponsor in the Bremen Public Insurance (ÖVB). Since September 1st, 2011 the hall has been officially called the ÖVB-Arena . The contract on the allocation of naming rights with the ÖVB initially ran until 2019. The contract was extended until the end of 2022.

Colloquially, however, the old name Stadthalle or Stadthalle Bremen is still in use inside and outside Bremen .


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