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Thomas Hitschler (2013)

Thomas Hitschler (born June 22, 1982 in Landau ) is a German politician ( SPD ). He has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2013 .


Hitschler grew up in Herxheimweyher in a social democratic family and received the Abitur at the Eduard Spranger Gymnasium in Landau . He then studied political science , public law and economic and social history, first in Würzburg and then in Mannheim , where he received the degree of Magister Artium in political science.

During his studies, Hitschler worked as an assistant in the research group Wahlen . He then worked in the local government of Landau, where he became the personal assistant to Landau's Lord Mayor Hans-Dieter Schlimmer . From 2010 to 2013, Hitschler was head of the “ Point of Single Contact ” department, which supports companies in the start-up phase. At the same time, Hitschler worked as a personal advisor to the President of the Structure and Approval Directorate South in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse . Hitschler was local council member in Herxheim and there chairman of the SPD parliamentary group. He is chairman of the SPD sub-district of Southern Palatinate. Since the 2014 local elections , he has been a member of the Southern Wine Road District Council.

Hitschler was a board member of Netzwerk Berlin , co-editor of the magazine Berliner Republik and deputy chairman of the association of the same name. From 2015 to 2020 he was a member of the control commission of the SPD . In July 2016, Hitschler was elected to the district executive committee of the AWO Pfalz. In June 2018, the SPD party executive appointed Thomas Hitschler as the Federal Party's Commissioner for the Bundeswehr. Hitschler is a member of the non-partisan European Union Germany , which claims to be committed to a federal Europe and the European unification process.

Hitschler lives with his wife in Hainfeld (Palatinate) .


In the 2013 federal election he was defeated as a direct candidate in constituency 212 (southern Palatinate) with 28.0 percent of the votes to the mandate holder Thomas Gebhart ( CDU , 48.8%). Hitschler entered the 18th German Bundestag via the Rhineland-Palatinate SPD state list (6th place). There he is a full member of the Defense Committee , the Subcommittee "Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation", a deputy member of the Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Committee on Food and Agriculture, and Secretary .

In the 2017 federal election , Hitschler entered the 19th Bundestag . He is still a full member of the Defense Committee, and an alternate member of the Transport and Digital Infrastructure Committee. In addition, Hitschler became a full member of the Parliamentary Control Committee and the Committee on Home Affairs and Homeland in the 19th legislative period . Hitschler was elected by the SPD parliamentary group as deputy defense policy spokesman and as a member of the extended parliamentary group executive committee.

In January 2019, the Rhineland-Palatinate regional group elected Hitschler as spokesman.

Political positions

Together with 13 other members of the SPD parliamentary group, Hitschler voted in the Bundestag against Alexander Dobrindt's plan to introduce a car toll , because his demands had not been met and he therefore saw them as harmful to the people in his constituency.

During the refugee crisis, the group wrote a joint letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel in January 2016 . It calls on the Chancellor to adhere to a humanitarian and European course and to use her policy competence against cross shots from her own camp.

In the Syria crisis, Hitschler was one of the first MPs to speak out in favor of supporting allies in air strikes against the Islamic State . He criticized Russia for bombing targets other than ISIS.

Hitschler firmly rejected attempts by the CDU to deploy the Bundeswehr domestically in the future. Soldiers are not auxiliary police officers. The proposal does not contribute to security, does not save money and is not coordinated with the SPD .

As a member of the Berlin network authored Hitschler a position paper in which an " inquiry -Commission for the further development of parliamentary democracy in Germany" is required. Among other things, the number of MPs, the structure of the question time, the presence in the plenary, changes in the immunity of parliamentarians and the right to vote are discussed.

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