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Tina is a short form of several female first names . But it also occurs as a separate first name.

Origin and meaning of the name

Tina is the short form of first names ending in "-tina" such as Bettina (short for Elisabeth ), Christina and Martina . Tina is also a short form in Italian for names such as Agostina , Albertina , Clementina , Costantina , Giustina and Valentina , in Russian as a pet form for the male and female name variants Aventin  / Aventina and Avgustin  / Avgustina and occasionally also for the international forms of Katharina .

name day

Name days are May 14th and July 28th .

Well-known namesake


Tine, Tini, Tinele, Tinchen, Tinsch, Tinka , Tinsche, Ti, Tiney, Tinai

Popular culture

Individual evidence

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