Bettina (first name)

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Bettina is a female given name .

Origin and meaning of the name

Short form of Elisabeth (probably from Italian), Hebrew: "God is my oath", "God is perfection". Also goes back to the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet Beth (Bet, ב ) = house / place.


At the beginning of the 20th century the name Bettina was not in use in Germany. Its popularity increased from the mid-forties. In the sixties, the name was a few times among the ten most frequently given female first names of the respective year. Then its popularity declined more and more. Since the mid-1990s, hardly any children have been called Bettina.

name day

The most famous name day of Elisabeth / Bettina is November 19th .

Since there were several St. Elizabeth's also the following name days are common: January 20 , January 22 , February 5 , February 28 , April 3 , June 19 , July 4 , 25 November .


Bethina, Bettine, Betti, Betty, Betzi, Betsy, Beth, Bez, Bezn, Betina, Bette, Bezl, Beddy, Beddo, Tina, Bettos etc.

Male version: Bettino

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