Tiwali Minsk

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Tiwali Minsk
Тивали Минск
Tiwali Minsk Тивали Минск
Greatest successes
Club information
history Torpedo Minsk (1965–1977)
Dinamo Minsk (1977–1993)
Tiwali Minsk (1993–2001)
Location Minsk , Belarus
Club colors blue White
Venue Minsk Sports Palace
capacity 3,311 seats (of which 3,311 seats)

Tiwali Minsk ( Russian Тивали Минск ) was a Belarusian ice hockey club from Minsk , which existed from 1956 to 2001.


In the 1949/50 season , Spartak Minsk was the first ice hockey club from Minsk to take part in Class A , the highest Soviet league. At first, however, the team was not very successful and lost all ten season games in their premiere season. So she finished in the preliminary round group A, as well as the placement round for seventh place in the last place in the table. Also in the following season Spartak finished both in last place in his main round group, as well as in the placement round for seventh place. As in the previous year, Spartak lost all season games. In the 1952/53 season Spartak was able to achieve his first successes in the league, but had to accept relegation due to a league downsizing. The association was then dissolved.

Other clubs from Minsk, which were represented in the lower leagues of the Soviet Union, are Torpedo Minsk (1946-1956), Burewestnik Minsk (1956-1958), Krasnoye Snamja Minsk (1958-1964), Trud Minsk (1964-1965) and Wympel Minsk (1965-1966).

In 1965 a new club was founded in Minsk with Torpedo . A year after the founding Torpedo made it to the top division, but finished last with 18 points in the main round and failed in the relegation due to the poorer goal difference behind Metallurg Novokuznetsk on relegation. In the 1969/70 season Torpedo was second division champions and failed in the relegation with two defeats in two games at Sibir Novosibirsk . After a long break, Minsk took part in the 1980/81 season again in the operation of the highest Soviet league, which was held in the meantime under the name Vysschaja Liga . Both in the main round and in the relegation round, Minsk took last place and could not avoid direct relegation. From 1988 to 1990 Minsk was able to establish itself temporarily in the Vysschaya League.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of an independent Belarusian championship, the Extraliga , the club became one of the most successful teams in Belarus under the name Tiwali Minsk. In 1993 , 1994 and 1995 he was able to win the first three editions of the Extraliga. After two runner-up championships in 1996 and 1997 , Tiwali Minsk 2000 won its fourth and last national championship. Only HK Junost Minsk has won more national titles with five championship titles. From 1992 to 1996, the club took part in the game of the new International Hockey League parallel to the Belarusian championship . After the non-Russian teams were no longer allowed to participate in their successor league , the Super League , Tiwali Minsk joined the East European Hockey League , in which it competed from 1996 to 2000 parallel to the Extraliga, but could not achieve any notable successes.

Following the 2000/01 season , the club had to be dissolved for financial reasons. The tradition of Tivali Minsk is by now in the since 2004 the Continental Hockey League playing HC Dinamo Minsk continued.


The Minsk Sports Palace , which opened in 1966 after a three-year construction period, was the home of the club until its financially-related liquidation.


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