U 22 (German Armed Forces)

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FRG Naval Ensign
U 22
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Type : Submarine class 206 A
Shipyard: Rheinstahl-Nordseewerke , Emden
Length: 48.6 m
Width: 4.6 m
Draft: 4.0 m
Displacement: 450 ts / 520 m³ (above water)
Drive: 2 × 440 kW MTU-DG
1 × 1100 kW EM
3 × 92 battery cells
Speed: 10 kn, under water: 17 kn
Armament: 8 BTR (wire-guided torpedo DM2A1)
mine belt
Crew: 22 men, of them
Whereabouts: scrapped

U 22 was a submarine of the German Navy belonging to class 206 .


U 22 (identification S 171) was put into service on July 26, 1974 with the 3rd submarine squadron. From January 9, 1989 to September 1990, the ship was converted to class 206 A. On December 31, 2008, U 22 was removed from the fleet. The decommissioning took place on December 18, 2008.

As part of the transformation process in the Navy, the 3rd submarine squadron was disbanded on February 13, 2006 and the submarines of this class that had not yet been decommissioned were placed under the 1st submarine squadron in Eckernförde .

In 1974 the city of Trossingen in Baden-Württemberg took over the sponsorship of the submarine.

Coat of arms of U 22

The coat of arms of the submarine shows a white whale under five stars with the motto Semper nos ducant bene . Based on the type of boat, the shape of a "U" was chosen as the outline for the coat of arms of the submarine U 22. On a golden background there is a motto in black writing in the upper fifth, which made the connection to the former U-boat U 5 (type 205) of the German Navy. The crew, who decommissioned U 5 and immediately took over U 22, wanted to connect the memory of the new boat. The writing “Semper nos ducant bene” expressed the hope that the five stars of U 5 will also lead the new boat well. Executed in gold, they appeared in the upper half of the coat of arms on a light blue background and show the shape of the constellation of "Kassiopeia". You stand above the image of an emerging whale, which in this characteristic form creates the connection to the new type of boat 206. The whale was done in white and showed itself with the head and the caudal fin. It was separated from the area below by a wavy golden line as the water surface, which fills the lower third of the coat of arms in dark blue-green. The total of three indicated wavy lines represented the affiliation to the 3rd submarine squadron.

The boat was ceremonially decommissioned on December 18, 2008 in Wilhelmshaven. In the 34 years of service, the boat had covered over 170,000 nautical miles . It was decommissioned because the boat battery should have been replaced. The costs of almost 5 million euros were no longer economically justifiable.

In March 2012 the boat was in the marine arsenal Wilhelmshaven and was offered by Vebeg GmbH for auction with the end of the auction on April 4, 2012 with the condition that it was sold to high-performing companies approved for scrapping. At the end of November 2012, the U 22 and the U 29 on board the Hansa heavy lift freighter HHL New York were scrapped from the Wilhelmshaven northwest quay on the Nemrut Bay (Turkey) route and then scrapped in Aliağa .

List of commanders

  1. Captain Brausewetter: July 26, 1974 - June 30, 1976
  2. Kapitänleutnant Brüggemann: July 1, 1976 - September 30, 1978
  3. Captain Gohde: October 1, 1978 - September 30, 1982
  4. Corvette Captain Zeller: October 1, 1982 - September 29, 1986
  5. Captain Krause : September 29, 1986 - September 28, 1989
  6. Kapitänleutnant Köppen: September 28, 1989 - August 10, 1992

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