U 32 (Bundeswehr)

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U 32
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U-32 submarine.jpg
U 32 at sea
Type : 212 A
conventional deep sea boat
Shipyard: North Sea Works , Emden
Build number: DEU-U 212A # 2 U 32 HDW / TNSW 07/11/00 Nov 03 05/31/05
Year of construction: 1998
Commissioning: October 19, 2005
Length: 56.0 m
Width: 7.0 m
Height: 11.5 m (above tower)
Displacement: 1,450 tons (above water)
1,830 tons (under water)
Operating depth: at least 250 m
Drive: Diesel engine with 1050 kW (approx. 1432 PS )
9 fuel cell modules with a total of 306 kW
E-motor with 1700 kW (approx. 2318 PS)
Speed: 12 kn over water
20 kn under water
Armament: 6 torpedo tubes 533 mm
12 torpedoes type DM2A4 hake heavyweight torpedo (fiber optic guided)
24 underwater mines
Crew: 26th
  • Corvette Captain Michael Bornholt
  • Captain Lieutenant Ralph Tastl
  • Corvette Captain Bernd Arjes
  • Corvette Captain Christian Michalski
  • Corvette Captain Stephan Pfeiffer (until 2016)
  • Corvette Captain Rudolf Lenthe

U 32 (NATO designation: S 182) is the second submarine of the submarine class 212 A that was transferred to the Bundeswehr .


On 4 December 2003 baptized , U was 32 and his sister boat U 31 on 19 October 2005 by Defense Minister Peter Struck in the presence of the commander of the fleet, Vice Admiral Wolfgang E. Nolting , in Eckernförde put into service. Like all submarines, it belongs to the 1st submarine squadron of the operational flotilla 1 .

U 32 set a record on April 26, 2006 by being the first conventionally powered submarine (without nuclear power ) to remain under water for two weeks without a break. This long stay is made possible by the fuel cell drive of the submarine. It also has a non- cavitating propeller , which makes the journey even quieter and more difficult to locate .

In February 2013, U 32 crossed the North Atlantic with the Tender Main (A 515) to take part in the US maneuver Westlant Deployment .


The city of Edenkoben took over the sponsorship for the submarine .

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