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Ulrico Aostalli (also: Aostali, Avostalli, Avostalis, Avostalo, Aostalli de Sala, Vostalis, Aostalis * by 1520 in Sala Capriasca ; † 10. May 1597 in Prague ) was a from the Ticino originating in Bohemia active builder .


Ulrico Aostalli came from the Ticino architect family Aostalli . From the 1540s he was in the service of King Charles in Prague . In 1548 he was a member of Giovanni Maria Aostalli's group of masons who worked at St. Vitus Cathedral , the Belvedere and in the court garden. 1558–1559 he worked on the Hradschin and on the upper floor of the pleasure house in the court garden under the direction of the builder Bonifaz Wohlmut , who a year later proposed him to Emperor Ferdinand I as royal builder.

The appointment as builder of the Prague Castle in the succession of Giovanni Maria Aostalli took place on April 24, 1567. For 1569 he is proven as a citizen of the Hradschin. He later moved to the Lesser Town . After Wolmut's retirement in 1570, he was given the management of the royal buildings. From 1573 to 1583 he was responsible for the supervision of the royal estates as the building authority of the Prague Castle. From 1575 until his death he held the office of guild elder of Prague's Lesser Town. In this position he worked as an appraiser and consultant in construction disputes. In 1595 Aostalli called his nephew R. Soldata from Rome to Prague, who worked with him until Aostalli's death.

He received numerous commissions from the Bohemian aristocratic families Waldstein , Pernstein , Rosenberg , Lobkowitz , Smiřický von Smiřice , Dietrichstein , Neuhaus and others. As a result, he acquired a considerable fortune, which included houses in the area of ​​Prague Castle and the Hradschin as well as properties on the Lesser Town.

Since 1561 Ulrico Aostalli was married to Domenica, a daughter of Domenico de Maggi. After his death he was buried in the cloister of the Augustinian monastery on the Lesser Town.


  • 1556: Modifications to the Hrádek Castle for the Chief Bohemian District Judge Johann von Waldstein
  • 1556: Alterations to the Škvorec Castle and the Prague Palace of Jaroslav von Smiřický
  • 1557: Construction of new rooms for Archduke Ferdinand von Habsburg at Prague Castle
  • 1558–1559: Collaboration on the Hradschin and on the upper floor of the pleasure house in the courtyard garden
  • 1560–1564: works on the royal castles of Lýsa and Přerov nad Labem
  • 1567 design for a new Elbe bridge near Brandýs nad Labem ; Supervision of the work of Giovanni Battista Aostalli at the Poděbrady Castle
  • 1567–1569 worked on the construction of the ballroom in the royal garden of Prague Castle
  • 1567–1576: Construction of the St. Adalbert's Chapel in front of St. Vitus Cathedral; Restoration of the Gothic church on Vyšehrad
  • 1569–1581: Construction supervision during the reconstruction of the Litomyšl Castle for the Colonel Chancellor Vratislav von Pernstein
  • 1570: Design for new buildings for the Duchcov Castle for the von Lobkowitz family (realized by Aostalli's journeymen Filippo)
  • 1570: Work on the old castle in Chlumec nad Cidlinou
  • from 1570: renovation of the Buštěhrad castle
  • 1572: Design for an extension of the Pardubice Castle ; the work was carried out in 1574–1576
  • 1573: Restoration of the imperial hospital on the Hradschin
  • 1573–1574: Design of the garden of the Prague Rosenberg Palace
  • 1578–1579: Restoration of the All Saints Court Church
  • 1579–1580: Reconstruction of the hunting lodge at the Old Game Park for Rudolf II.
  • from 1580: reconstruction of the Slatiňany chateau
  • 1581: Plans to restore St. Vitus Cathedral and to strengthen the tower
  • 1581–1582: Participation in projects of his stepson Pietro Caranca
  • 1586: Restoration of the Minorite Monastery at St. James' Church in Prague's Old Town
  • 1586–1590: Conversion of the Prague Palace for Adam II von Neuhaus
  • 1587–1595: Restoration and reconstruction of Karlštejn Castle
  • 1587: House of the knight Václav of Vřesovice
  • 1587–1595: reconstruction of Kostelec Castle
  • 1595: The castle in Domažlice is converted into a town hall


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