Unrounded closed back vowel

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IPA mark ɯ
IPA number 316
IPA character description Latin minuscule rotated by 180 ° m
Unicode U + 026F
HTML (dec.) & # 623;
Kirshenbaum u-

Phonetic and orthographic realization of the unrounded closed back vowel (IPA ɯ ) in different languages:

In the vowel system of Portuguese there is a weak pronunciation variant for three vowels corresponding to the German unstressed e [ ə ]: a [ ɐ ], e [ ɯ ] and o [ ʊ ].

According to the three-dimensional Turkish vowel system, whose eight vowels can be interpreted as the corners of a cube, ı [ ɯ ] is the dark counterpart to i , closed counterpart to a , unrounded counterpart to u . At the opposite corner of the cube is - light, open, rounded - the ö .

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