Vilayet Aleppo

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The Vilayet Aleppo
Map of the Vilayet Aleppo from 1892

The Vilâyet Aleppo ( Turkish Halep Vilâyeti ) was a province in the Ottoman Empire established in 1864 , which existed in the area of ​​today's Syria and the Turkish province of Hatay . It had an area of ​​86,600 km².

The provincial capital of the Vilayets was Aleppo . The Vilâyet was built as part of the administrative reform called Teşkil-i Vilâyet Nizamnâmesi . It existed until 1920, when, after the First World War, France converted the area into the League of Nations mandate for Syria and Lebanon .

The vilayet consisted of the following sanjaks :


In 1914 the population was 576,320 Muslims, but before the great persecution of the Greeks there were also non-Muslim minorities: 40,843 were Armenians and 21,954 were Greeks .

Population numbers
year Residents
1874 535,700
1884 756,300
1890 994,600
1891 995,800
1900 996.300
1910 944,800
1920 787,000
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