Works by Antoni Gaudí (World Heritage)

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Works by Antoni Gaudí
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Parc Güell - 2 (8751059020) .jpg
Parque Güell in Barcelona
National territory: SpainSpain Spain
Type: Culture
Criteria : (i), (ii), (iv)
Reference No .: 320
UNESCO region : Europe and North America
History of enrollment
Enrollment: 1984  (session 8)
Extension: 2005

Works of Antoni Gaudí is one of the UNESCO -listed site of World Heritage in Spain . The cultural heritage comprises seven projects by architect Antoni Gaudí in or around Barcelona , which illustrate Gaudí's exceptionally creative contribution to the development of architecture and building techniques in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These monuments represent an eclectic as well as a very personal style that could freely develop in the design of gardens, sculptures and all decorative arts as well as architecture.


The works of Antoni Gaudí are an extraordinary and outstanding creative contribution to the architectural legacy of modern times. His work is rooted in the particular character of the time, on the one hand from traditional Catalan patriotic sources and on the other hand from the technical and scientific progress of modern industry. Gaudí's work is a remarkable reflection of all these different facets of society and has a unique and unique character. In fact, his works are particularly associated with modernity, and in this sense Gaudí can be considered one of the most outstanding and particularly representative architects of modernity .

Gaudí's work is an extraordinary creative synthesis of several artistic schools of the 19th century such as the Arts and Crafts Movement , Symbolism , Expressionism and Rationalism and is a direct expression of one of the cultural highlights of Catalonia . Gaudí mapped out and influenced many forms of expression and modernist techniques of the 20th century.


The first three works by Gaudi were added to the World Heritage List in 1984. These were the Parque Güell , the Palau Güell and the Casa Milà . In 2005 it was expanded to include four more Gaudi buildings in and around Barcelona. The original name of the entry was slightly modified.

Enrollment was based on criteria (i), (ii) and (iv):

(i): The works of Antoni Gaudí represent an extraordinary and outstanding creative contribution to the development of architecture and building technology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

(ii): Gaudí's work shows a significant exchange of values ​​closely linked to the cultural and artistic currents of his time, as represented in modern Catalonia. It anticipated and influenced many of the forms and techniques that were relevant to the development of modern building in the 20th century.

(iv): Gaudí's work represents a number of outstanding examples of the construction of typology in early 20th century architecture, both residential and public, the development of which he made a significant and creative contribution.

Ref.No. image Name
Area 1 enrollment
320-001 Spain.Catalonia.Barcelona.Park.Güell.Vista.1.jpg Parque Güell
( location )
K: 10.79 ha
P: 9.4 ha
Palau Güell - Façana.JPG
Palau Güell
( location )
K: 0.17 ha
P: 3.66 ha
320-003 Fale - Spain - Barcelona - 58.jpg Casa Milà
( location )
K: 0.5 ha
P: 11.17 ha
320-004 Casa Vicens, Barcelona - panoramio (1) .jpg Casa Vicens
( location )
K: 0.12 ha
P: 4.23 ha
320-005 Sagrada Família.  Façana del Naixement (cropped) .jpg Nativity facade and crypt of the Sagrada Família
( location )
K: 0.19 ha
P: 7.22 ha
320-006 La fachada de la Casa Batllò - panoramio.jpg Casa Batlló
( location )
K: 0.46 ha
P: 1.02 ha
320-007 Cripta de la Colonia Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló) - 41.jpg Crypt in Santa Coloma de Cervelló , Colonia Güell
( location )
K: 0.22 ha
P: 0.32 ha


  1. Area: Area of ​​the individual site with core (K) and buffer zone (P).

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