69 love games

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Original title 69 love games
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1968
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Jean Ch. Aurive
script August Rieger
production Karl Spiehs
music Johannes Martin Dürr
camera Walter Kindler
cut Traude Krappl

69 Love Games , often played under the title Angels of Sin , is a 1967 German exploitation film by August Rieger , who worked here under a pseudonym, with Erik Schumann in one of the leading roles.


Silvana Orth is an ambitious, young journalist who absolutely wants to get to know the background of prostitution . So she goes to the appropriate districts to consult the "angels of sin" and to shed light on their lives. Many of the whores live miserable lives. Once, believing that they would find true love, they fell into the hands of ruthless pimps who forced them into prostitution. Silvana risks a lot to make her report as authentic as possible. She puts on make-up like a whore and equips herself with her skimpy clothes and shoes in order not to attract any further attention among the ladies of the trade. So she dares to venture into the city's den of vice, but her acquaintance with the competitors and their quick-witted puffs brings her massive problems.

Because with her report, Silvana stumbles into a wasp's nest of slavery and crime. And with the gangsters led by the slippery Mecky Krüger, who exercise control over the women and like to have their husbands for the rough, known as "the blonde", hand-beating them, is not to be trifled with. The journalist barely escapes a murder. When her colleague Renate wants to get out of the car, she is killed in an assassination attempted as a car accident. Ingrid, not yet 18, is only saved by the love of a sincere young man named Christian, a simple but good-natured refinery worker. In Rosmann, Silvana finally gets her most important supporter.

Production notes

The FSK passed 69 love games on April 10, 1968 and was premiered on April 26, 1968 in Munich.

Günter Eulau was the production manager. Hans Zehetner designed the film buildings, Lambert Hofer junior took care of the costumes. Xaver Schwarzenberger assisted head cameraman Walter Kindler.

The leading actress Angelica Ott had been the wife of the producer of this film, Karl Spiehs , since the end of 1966 . Spiehs himself can be found in the film as a passerby.


"A very realistic foray into the underworld."

- Hamburger Abendblatt dated December 21, 1968

The following can be read in Films 1965–70: “Unpleasant mixture of brutality and sex. We advise against it. "

The lexicon of international films says: "Stupid sex film."

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