A10 (Kazakhstan)

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A10 in Kazakhstan
A10 (Kazakhstan)
Basic data
Start of the street: Öskemen
End of street: Shemonaicha
Overall length: 127 km
  of which in operation: 127 km

Oblys ( regions ):

Course of the road

The A10 is a trunk road in Kazakhstan in the east of the country. The road is a north-south route from Öskemen to the border with Russia .

Street description

The A10 begins in the large city of Öskemen in eastern Kazakhstan, known in Russian as Ust-Kamenogorsk . The route runs from the north through flat agricultural land, which is relatively densely populated in this area. There are a number of villages in the area. In the east lie the foothills of the Altai Mountains, in the west are agricultural areas and the Irtysh River . The last town before the border with Russia is the small town of Shemonaikha . After the Russian border, the A10 continues as the R370 to Zmeinogorsk and Barnaul .


The A10 was renumbered in 2011 and is the last in a series of junctions from the A3 between Almaty and Öskemen. The route is traditionally not very important, but it is the link between the larger cities of Öskemen and Barnaul. It is the easternmost road between Kazakhstan and Russia.

Big cities on the highway

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