Armand Bazin de Bezons (clergyman, 1654)

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Armand Bazin de Bezons (born December 29, 1654 in Montpellier , † October 8, 1721 at Gaillon Castle in Gaillon ) was a French clergyman, Bishop of Aire (1685–1698), Archbishop of Bordeaux (1698–1719) and Archbishop of Rouen (1719-1721).



Armand Bazin de Bezons came from a young French aristocratic family. His father, the Councilor of State Claude Bazin de Bezons , a member of the Académie française since 1643 , was director of the Languedoc . As the highest administrative officer and representative of the king, he resided in Montpellier, where Armand Bazin de Bezons was born on December 29, 1654. His brother Louis, also director, held this task in Bordeaux between 1686 and 1700. Another brother, Jacques Bazin de Bezons , became Marshal of France ( 1709 ). The family was closely related to the court and especially to the ministerial family le Tellier-Louvois . Armand studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he received his doctorate.

Bishop of Aire

On August 15, 1685 , Louis XIV appointed him Bishop of Aire . But due to the dispute between the French king and the Holy See over the income of vacant bishoprics (regalia), Pope Innocent XI refused . ecclesiastical confirmation to the bishops appointed by Louis XIV. The French king claimed the regalia and the associated allocation of dioceses and abbeys to friends and relatives, which he created a submissive clergy. Very often the great ministerial dynasties had a hand in the selection of the bishops. At a kind of national council from 1681 to 1682 , which Louis XIV had convened and at which the French bishops decided on the Gallican articles, the papal authority for France was as good as abolished. Only after withdrawing these articles did the Pope confirm the bishops appointed by Louis XIV. Armand Bazin de Bezons was therefore only on October 5, 1693 by Pope Innocent XII. approved. On November 12, 1693, he was ordained bishop in Paris by Charles-Maurice le Tellier, Archbishop of Reims and brother of the French Minister of War. Co-consecrators were François-Clément de Poudenx, Bishop of Tarbes , and Jacques-Joseph de Gourgue, Bishop of Bazas .

The Archdiocese also sent Armand Bazin de Bezons as a representative of the higher clergy to the assembly of the French clergy of 1695 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye , where he was elected secretary.

Archbishop of Bordeaux

On March 29, 1698 , he was appointed Archbishop of Bordeaux, confirmed by Pope Innocent XII. on November 24, 1698. On January 18, 1699 he personally took possession of his diocese.

As an envoy of the higher clergy of the archdiocese, he took part in the various assemblies of the French clergy (1700, 1705, 1707, 1711, 1713, 1714 and 1715).

In 1704 he held a diocesan synod in Bordeaux . In contrast to his predecessor in office, he himself again carried out regular visitations. Also in 1704 Armand Bazin de Bezons published his Catechism Catéchisme ou abrégé de la doctrine chrétienne , which remained in use until 1853.

Political advisor

In addition to his work as bishop, he also played a role in politics, because after the death of Louis XIV in 1715 , the regent Philip, Duke of Orléans , appointed him to his advisory committee for religious questions. From this time on he was mostly absent from Bordeaux , but had his vicar general report to him every day about the events from there.

Archbishop of Rouen

On April 23, 1719 , the regent Philip Duke of Orléans appointed him Archbishop of Rouen.


Armand Bazin de Bezons died at Gaillon Palace on October 8, 1721 at the age of 66 . According to Saint Simon : a good bishop who was respected and valued everywhere . He found his resting place in the church of Saint-Côme et Saint-Damien in Paris.


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predecessor Office successor
Jean-Louis de Fromentières Bishop of Aire
1693 - 1698
Louis-Gaston Fleuriau d'Armenonville
Louis d'Anglure de Bourlemont Archbishop of Bordeaux
1698 - 1719
François Élie de Voyer de Paulmy d'Argenson
Claude-Maur d'Aubigné Archbishop of Rouen
1719 - 1721
Louis III de La Vergne de Tressan