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Astrid Melanie Beatrix Maria Krebsbach - later Astrid Hobohm , then Astrid Horn (born February 9, 1913 in Vienna , † September 17, 1995 in Quedlinburg ) was one of the most successful German table tennis players . She also had success in tennis in Saxony-Anhalt .


Astrid Krebsbach was born in Vienna in 1913. Her mother Maria Johanna geb. Weitzenauer was Austrian, but since her father Otto Krebsbach was “Reich German”, Astrid had German citizenship. Astrid had three younger sisters, Eva Maria Elisabeth Johanna (* 1916), Senta Maria Margarete Anna (* 1917) and Vera Martina (* 1924).

Astrid first attended a school in Bitterfeld and after moving to Wittenberg in 1925, the Melanchthong High School. Then she trained to be a foreign correspondent at a commercial college.

Krebsbach's family was active in sports, both parents played tennis, her father also played table tennis. Both sports were cultivated, tennis was often played in summer, whereas table tennis was played in winter (due to the lack of indoor tennis courts).

Very early on, Krebsbach achieved great sporting successes, especially in table tennis, starting with city championships, through state and German championships to world championships . She was left-handed and had a strong backhand attack.

The sisters Eva and Senta also played table tennis very successfully, although not internationally. In 1936/37 they won the German women's team championship with BSG Osram Berlin .

In May 1931 the family moved to Berlin . In 1933 she got her first job at Wassermesser-Vertriebs GmbH in Berlin.

Between 1931 and 1953 Krebsbach won nine medals at world championships, including two silver medals. At the same time she was five times German champion in all of Germany and four times GDR champion. In 1949 she won titles both in the all-German championship and in the 1st GDR championship. In 1934 she became world champion with the German women's team.

She played for the clubs Tennis Borussia Berlin (around 1930), BSG Aufbau Börde Magdeburg , BSG Osram Berlin and Motor Quedlinburg , among others . From 1932 to 1937 it occupied first place in the German rankings, in 1934 it was put in first place in the world rankings.

A year later, Krebsbach achieved her greatest successes: she won the silver medal in the individual at the table tennis world championship in Paris , and she became world champion with the women's team. She surprisingly beat the five-time world champion Mária Mednyánszky and the reigning world champion Anna Sipos . If she had won against the Czech Marie Kettnerová in the team competition, she had to admit defeat to the same opponent in the individual final.

In 1936 Krebsbach converted to the Evangelical Lutheran faith. In March of that year she won the silver medal again at the World Championships in Prague , and on April 18, she married Dr. Ernst Friedemann Hobohm and moved to Quedlinburg. After the birth of her daughter Karin-Elisabeth (August 31, 1937), she reduced her competitive sports activities for several years. Son Peter-Uwe was born on February 21, 1940. Then she intensified the sport of table tennis again, and from 1941 she appeared again regularly in the lists of winners at the German championships.

Their marriage ended in divorce in January 1949. On September 14, 1949 she married the table tennis player Rolf Horn from Quedlinburg for the second time .

Most recently she played in the team from Motor Quedlinburg, where she ended her active career after the 1954/55 season.

Astrid Krebsbach died on September 17th, 1995 in Quedlinburg.


Success in table tennis

  • World championships
    • 1930 in Berlin: quarter-finals singles, quarter-finals doubles
    • 1931 in Budapest: quarter-finals singles, quarter-finals doubles, quarter-finals mixed
    • 1933 in Baden: 3rd place singles, quarter-finals doubles
    • 1934 in Paris: 2nd place singles, 2nd place doubles with Anita Felguth , 1st place with team
    • 1935 in London: Quarterfinals singles, 2nd place doubles with Anita Felguth , 3rd place with team
    • 1936 in Prague: 2nd place singles, quarter-finals doubles, 2nd place with team
    • 1937 in Baden: quarter-finals singles, 2nd place with team
    • 1951 in Vienna: Round of 16 doubles, quarter finals mixed, member of the German team (9th place)
  • National German championships
    • 1931 in Magdeburg - 1st place singles, 1st place mixed with Cassius Weynand
    • 1932 in Dresden - 1st place individual
    • 1933 in Hamburg - 1st place individual
    • 1934 in Braunschweig - 1st place individual
    • 1935 in Stettin - 1st place individual
    • 1936 in Gelsenkirchen - 2nd place individual
    • 1937 in Hohenneuendorf (Berlin) - 2nd place individual
    • 1941 in Dresden - 2nd place individual
    • 1943 in Breslau - 2nd place singles, 2nd place doubles with Hanna Büldge , 2nd place mixed with Heinz Benthien
    • 1944 in Breslau - 2nd place individual
    • 1949 in Lübeck - 2nd place singles, 1st place doubles with Berti Capellmann
    • 1951 in Berlin-West - 2nd place doubles with I. Kirsten
    • 1952 in East Berlin - 3rd place singles, 1st place mixed with Heinz Schneider
    • 1953 in Herford - 3rd place individual
  • German team championships
  • Gaume Championships
    • 1933 - 1st place with Berlin
    • 1934 - 1st place with Brandenburg
    • 1935 - 1st place with Brandenburg
    • 1936 - 1st place with Brandenburg
    • 1937 - 1st place with middle
  • International championships
    • 1936 England - 1st place doubles with Dora Emdin (England)

Success in tennis

  • 1950 State championship Saxony-Anhalt - 2nd place mixed with H.Hintsch
  • 1956 District Championships in Halle district - 1st place singles, 1st place doubles with Kirchner, 2nd place mixed with tree
  • 1956 Participation in the GDR championship - reached the 2nd round
  • 1957 District Championships in Halle - 1st place singles, 3rd place doubles with Karl, 1st place mixed with Preuss
  • 1957 Participation in the GDR championship - reached the 2nd round
  • 1958 District Championships in Halle - 2nd place singles, 3rd place mixed with Preuss

Results from the ITTF database

Association event year place country singles Double Mixed team
GER  World Championship  1951  Vienna  AUT   last 32  last 16  Quarter finals 
GER  World Championship  1937  to bathe  AUT   Quarter finals  last 16  no participants  2
GER  World Championship  1936  Prague  TCH   silver  Quarter finals  no participants  2
GER  World Championship  1935  Wembley  CLOSELY   Quarter finals  Semifinals  Scratched  3
GER  World Championship  1934  Paris  FRA   silver  silver  no participants  1
GER  World Championship  1933  to bathe  AUT   Semifinals  Scratched?  last 16   
GER  World Championship  1931  Budapest  HUN   Quarter finals  Agony  Quarter finals   
GER  World Championship  1930  Berlin  FRG   Quarter finals  Quarter finals  last 16   

Individual evidence

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